Daddy Dearest

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“Daddy Dearest”

Cagalli glanced at her frog clock. It was nearly midnight and she was not yet done with her assignments. Okay, so she was done with all the rest, but she wasn’t done in studying for her English quiz. She got up and went in the kitchen, she was really thirsty.

She quietly tip toed to the kitchen so not to wake her father up. She no longer had a mother. She lived alone with her father since her mother and father never had seen eye to eye and always argued that they finally got a divorce.

Cagalli chose to stay with her father and not with her mother since her mother never did show any kind of love towards her unlike her father. She had no idea why they were always arguing but then, she didn’t care as long as she was out of their lives.

Her father was always kind to her but then, she knew the consequences if she woke him up at night. It wasn’t nice. Her father doesn’t like to be disturbed from his sleep. So she quietly went to the kitchen. She got a drink of water and went back up stairs.

She passed by her father’s room and the door was ajar. Curiosity filled her and she peeped into the small opening. She saw her daddy in his king sized bed moaning, no, make that masturbating! She blushed and covered her mouth to stop her gasp. Then she ran quietly to her room and closed her door.

She jumped on her bed and yelled under her pillow. That was just so embarrassing! Seeing her daddy masturbate! God, how she wanted to erase that memory.

“I’m a pervert!” Cagalli yelled in her head “I just saw my dad masturbate!”

The following morning, Cagalli came own for breakfast earlier than the usual and today, she was really ready for school. She had her uniform on and all her things were complete. Except for the knowledge in English though, she wasn’t able to study after that incident.

As she drank her milk, her daddy came down for breakfast and she almost choked on her milk. And she blushed deeply.

“Good morning, daddy!” Cagalli greeted with fakeness then began to eat her breakfast faster.

“Good morning, baby” He replied as he sat down in front of her “Why are you red? You don’t have a fever, do you?”

“N-no, I don’t, daddy!” Cagalli replied with a smile, a genuine smile.

Everytime her dad worried about her, she’d always feel the love. And this meant so much to her. It also almost made her forget about last night, ALMOST!!!

“May be we should get you to the doctor” He said.

“Nah, I’m fine!” Cagalli grinned “Honestly! I’m a good girl and I don’t get sick!”

“Okay then, baby” He replied “But if you don’t feel any better, call me later”

“Yes, daddy!” Cagalli replied.

Later, her father brought her to her school. She met her best friend, Stellar Asuka and her boyfriend, Shin Asuka. Stellar and Shin were both siblings but then they never knew that they were since they were both separated since birth and they met and fell in love with each other.

“Good morning, Cagalli!” Stellar grinned.

“Morning, Zala” Shin greeted.

“Morning!” Cagalli replied with a smile.

Then the trio went in the school…

“Hey, Shin” Cagalli said “I wonder why you never call me Cagalli. You always call me Zala”

“Well, it’s simple, stupid” Shin replied.

“Don’t call her stupid!” Stellar scolded “Cagalli isn’t stupid!”

“Sorry” Shin apologized “Well, you see, Zala, I call you Zala because you don’t look like your dad that it makes it hard for me to see you as you dad’s daughter so I call you Zala”

“That’s lame!” Stellar and Cagalli laughed.

“At least I got a reason!” Shin replied.

“Well, know that you think of it” Stellar thought out loud “You don’t look a bit like Mr. Zala or your mom”

“May be your adopted!” Shin suggested.

“That’s very impossible” Cagalli replied “Cause, if I am adopted, don’t you think my parents would’ve told me by now?”

“True” Stellar and Shin nodded.

“Or may be I look like my grandparents” Cagalli said “Daddy says that I look like my grandmother! But I never saw her since she died long time ago when I was young”

“Well, even if you don’t look like your parents, you’re still a Zala” Stellar giggled “You have Zala blood in you, girl! Be proud of that”

Cagalli giggled “Hehehe… Grandfather used to talk about the Zala Charm a lot before”

“Zala charm?” Shin asked.

“Yep!” Cagalli smiled “He says that Zala men could attract any kind of woman in the world, young or old, married or not, virgin or slut. Same goes for the women of the family.”

“Well, it must be true since you got tons of suitors” Stellar giggled.

“And let’s not forget that your dad still has a fan club” Shin added “And did you guys know that our Biology teacher is part of the fan club? No wonder she favors you a lot, Zala! She must want to get to the daughter so that when she gets to your dad, she has you as back-up”

“Ewww!” Cagalli made a face “That’s gross! Miss Lyn? Gross! She loves my daddy?!”

“Yep!” Shin nodded.

“Well, I for one, don’t like her!” Cagalli said “She is obviously a clinger. And I know that daddy won’t like her since hello, who would like that slut? It’s very clear that she is one!”

“True” Stellar and Shin nodded in agreement “She is a slut”

Later, during Cagalli’s class before lunch, it was Biology. And for some odd reason, she couldn’t get her dad off her head!

She was fast asleep dreaming about her dad. His shinny midnight blue hair and his emerald-like green eyes… His muscles… Her on bed… He climbs up on top of her… He was only in his boxers… She was only in her undies… He begins to take her bra off and then…

“Cagalli!” The teacher yelled, snapping Cagalli out of her thoughts.

“Yes, ma’am?” Cagalli quickly replied.

“Where can you find the pancreas in the human body?” Miss Lyn asked.

Cagalli gulped, this was a new lesson, and she was day dreaming of having sex with her dad! Wait, she was dreaming she had sex with her dad! What was going on with her!

Then that Cinderella remix song of its special edition came to her head…

A dream is a wish that your heart makes when you’re fast asleep

Was that true! A dream is a wish that your heart makes when you’re fast asleep?! That couldn’t be! That meant that she was wishing that she and her dad would have sex! It was probably okay if it was someone else, but it was her dad of all people! She wished that she’ have SEX with her dad!

“Cagalli!” Miss Lyn called again.

“Um… Uh… It’s um… F-Found at the…” Cagalli searched her brain but no, it was empty right now. Well, it was out of school subject ideas but it was full of images of her dad!

“At the… Um… The…” Cagalli stuttered.

She breathed in and made a guess “Near the stomach?”

“May tama ka!” Miss Lyn smiled at her like a game show host.

“Huh?” The students looked at her confusedly.

Cagalli relaxed, from her teacher’s reaction, it seemed that she was correct. Luckily, she was correct. She slumped back on her seat and fell asleep again. And she had the same dream!

She was on her dad’s bed in her undies and he was on top of her. It was nighttime and dim, yet it was very clear. Her dad removed her bra and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips…

“Daddy…” She murmured quietly “Huh!!!”

She woke up and found herself alone in the classroom.

“Dammit…” She muttered “It’s already lunch and I fell asleep!”

“What’s worse is that I had that dream…” She thought “What’s wrong with me? Why am I thinking of perverted thoughts about my dad…?”

Cagalli shook her head and then stood up. Then she noticed that she felt wet between the legs and cursed. This was not her day! She went to the girl’s locker room and changed into a new pair of undies and went to lunch.

After classes, she got a call from her dad…

“Hello, daddy?” Cagalli said as she answered.

“Hey, there, baby” Her dad said on the other line “Look, baby, I’m sorry but I can’t fetch you from school today. Could you take the bus?”

“Yeah, I can” Cagalli replied.

“You have keys to the house, right?” He asked.

“Yep, I do” Cagalli replied.

“Okay, then. I’ll see you later when I get home. Bye-bye, baby” Then he hung up.

Then Cagalli rode on the bus. As she was riding, she tried so much not to fall asleep afraid that she’d dream of that again! Within thirty minutes, she arrived home.

When she got home, she immediately took a warm bath in the tub. Slowly, she drifted to sleep again.

A figure slowly crept in the bathroom, the figure got in the tub slowly. Cagalli opened her eyes a bit and saw her dad in front of her wearing nothing! Before she could say anything, he leaned down and kissed her on the lips as his hands roamed around her body, going lower and lower.

His kiss crept slowly to her neck. She threw her head back giving him more space on her neck. He caressed her stomach, going lower to her nether region. She gasped as she felt his hand slipping in her slowly.

“AHHH!!!” Cagalli yelled and woke up from her dream “That’s it! I’m not sleeping! This is weird!!!”

She got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself and drained the water from the tub. Then she changed to her house clothes and did some cleaning around the whole house! The last place she cleaned was her dad’s room.

She was sweeping the floor while humming a tune, when all of a sudden, in her mind, played her dreams. She quickly finished sweeping the floor but then, had the urge to lie down on her father’s king sized bed.

She didn’t know what came over her body and she got on his bed. She got his pillow and hugged it close to her. It smelled like him… It aroused her and her dreams played non-stop in her head.

“Daddy” She murmured.

The image of her dad finger fucking her played in her head, giving her the urge to finger fuck herself. She zipped open her pants and pulled down her panties. She inserted one finger in and began to move in and out of herself.

Then she placed in two, then three and quickened her pace. She moaned a bit as she imagined her dad being the one finger fucking her. And the pillow’s scent got her more aroused.

“Daddy… Uhhh… Ahhh… Umph… Mmm… Dad… Daddy…” She moaned as her pace quickened even more.

“Ahhh! Dad!” She let out a light yell as she had her orgasm.

“Baby?” She heard her dad’s shocked voice say.

Her eyes ripped open, she was face to face with her dad! He was staring at her half-naked self. Embarrassing!

“Dad-Daddy?” She gasped.

<—Lemon Starts Here—>

She expected him to yell at her, scold her, slap her, but no, he didn’t. What he did next was so un-expecting. He climbed on bed and got her the wrist of her hand that she used to fuck herself and he licked her fingers clean.

He moaned as he tasted her. He licked her fingers clean then looked at her. She looked so dazed, as if, she was in paradise that he attacked her mouth passionately as his hand went and caressed her lower half.

She moaned, she couldn’t believe this was happening! She was making out wit her dad! And he was finger fucking her! And she loved it, she loved every single nano second of it!

He nibbled her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine and his fingers working on her expertly.

“Dad-Daddy—” She moaned but was interrupted by her dad.

“Athrun” He whispered on her ear.

A blush appeared on her cheeks, as he spoke to her.

“Oh… Dad-Daddy… Oh… Mmmph… Umph…” She moaned as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt “Oh… Daddy… More… Gi-Give me more… Don’t… Don’t stop… Mmmph… Ahhh….”

“You’re still a virgin aren’t you, baby?” Athrun asked her.

“Y-yes… Yes, Daddy…” She replied breathlessly, her hands roaming around his chest.

He smirked and went down to her neck, licking and sucking on it.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He asked.

“Mmmph… Drive me mad… Insane… Fuck me… Let me be… Be yours… Daddy…” She replied as she began sucking on his neck “Ride me… I want… Want to be… Yours… Mmmph… Ahhh…”

“Are you sure… You want that, baby?” Athrun asked with a smirk playing on his lips.

“YES! YES! I WANT YOU IN ME!!!” Cagalli exclaimed as she felt like having another orgasm “ATHRUN, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME CRAZILY!!!”

Athrun’s smirked even wider, his male ego smiling happily at how his daughter lost herself to him completely that long. He loved girls who wouldn’t throw themselves at him. He didn’t like those fan girls of his who ALWAYS throw themselves at him.

“AHHH!!!” Cagalli had another orgasm, she yelled loud, but no one would hear, they were secured in their own house.

Athrun licked his hands and then sucked on her breasts while his other hand caressed the other.

Cagalli panted, she was sweating already. Orgasm after another… It was pure bliss! She moaned then suddenly remembered her Bio teacher and chuckled.

Athrun wondered why she chuckled so he asked her “What’s wrong, baby girl?”

“Miss Lyn… fan club… of yours…” Cagalli replied still panting.

Then Athrun stopped and looked at Cagalli in the eyes.

“God, baby… You look absolutely beautiful…” He said making her blush and look away from him. He smiled at her actions and made her face him “I’m not joking… You really look beautiful, like an angel”

Cagalli wrapped her arms around his neck slowly as he lowered down to her lips and kiss her softly. This time, once their lips touch for a few seconds, Cagalli inserted her tongue in his mouth.

“Why did you and Mom… got a divorce…?” Cagalli asked quietly.

Athrun didn’t appear surprised, he looked the same. He knew it was coming so why be surprised when you knew it already?

Cagalli loved the way her father could stay calm even at surprising questions and personal questions or out of the blue questions. Athrun was always calm, he was never a man who would panic that easily.

“You… Do you want to know…?” Athrun asked her.

Cagalli took some time to nod, but she eventually did “I do”

“She didn’t love you, that’s why” Athrun replied “She would always hurt you, she would yell at you. I don’t want that to happen to you, it’s because I love you. Your mother says that I am crazy for falling for my own daughter, but what I think is that a person who doesn’t fall for you is crazy.

“She says that I’m obsessed with you, she is wrong. I’m not obsessed, I’m in love with you. She had the papers ready, I had no objections, she was hurting you and I know that she would be hurting you more.

“She hated me years before you saw us fight and argue, she hated the both of us. Every night, I can’t yell her name out. I don’t see her as my partner. I see you, my love, I see you beside me, I see you loving me, I hear you yell my name out.

“Cagalli, I love you, I love you, I love you”

Cagalli didn’t know what to say, her father loved her! More than the normal average love from a father to a daughter. And her mother… Was jealous of her? Her own mother jealous of her! Imagine that!

Cagalli pulled Athrun and kissed him lovingly.

“I love you” Cagalli said after the kiss “I love you, Athrun”

“Cagalli, my baby…” Athrun’s eyes softened “I’m sorry”

“Sorry?” Cagalli was confused “Why?”

“You were hurt all this time… Because of my love for you…” Athrun replied, clutching the sheets angrily.

“Don’t be… It wasn’t your fault” Cagalli said and caressed his cheek “If you never fought for your love for me… Wouldn’t mom still be here and I would still be hurting? Athrun, I might have been hurting, but you ended the pain… Don’t apologize, just… Love me…”

Athrun looked at her, she was right, he did save her from the pain. All this time, she felt un-loved, all she would want is someone who will love her truly and faithfully. She was scared of being un-loved and being alone, now he knew. With this, he vowed, he’d never leave her ever again.

Athrun bent down then kissed her fiercely yet lovingly. He slowly moved lower, back to her neck.

“Oh… Athrun… Fuck me…” Cagalli moaned “Take my maidenhood away… Be the one to do so…”

“I will, baby” Athrun replied “But patience…”

“Mmmph…” Cagalli moaned.

Cagalli groaned as Athrun caressed her breasts once more. Her groans and moans went louder, every now and then, she would yelp. Athrun knew the right spots to touch her, to suck her, to lick her, to let her go insane like she had said previously.

Her moans aroused Athrun so much that he could not hold it any longer, he needed to. He couldn’t wait, and it seemed that she too could not wait any longer for it. He would be her first, and she would be his last.

He would be her lover, and she to him. No matter what society would say, they will be together and they both will love each other.

Athrun got off Cagalli to take off his pants, but instead of him taking his pants off, Cagalli got up and took them off for him. He laid down on the bed while Cagalli undressed his lower half.

Cagalli threw the pants down on the floor and then removed his boxers. His hardness springing free, she gasped at the size. Then she remembered last night. She held his cock and licked the tip of it.

Athrun moaned, it had been a while since he got a blowjob. This was just more than enough, it was his daughter giving him one!

Cagalli began to lick it up and down, making Athrun groan louder. She smirked proudly at herself. For a beginner, she could make her lover insane. Athrun yelped as Cagalli inserted the tip in her mouth and let it stay that way for a while.

“Gah… Baby…” He groaned.

Cagalli moaned in reply as she inserted more of him in her mouth and her hand moved up and down caressing his cock as she sucked him. Athrun would’ve gone insane, but he didn’t want to go insane in front of his lover.

He let her do her thing on him, he’d just pay her back later when she sleeps soundly. Athrun held the yell in him that was trying to break free. He couldn’t hold it and let it out, then his semen sprayed out and Cagalli swallowed it all, not wanting to waste even one drop.

Athrun pushed Cagalli down on the bed and positioned his cock in her entrance.

“Are you ready?” He asked worriedly “It would hurt… Baby, I don’t want to hurt you”

“Love me… Please… Love me…” She replied “Daddy–Athrun, you know what I want”

Athrun nodded slightly and then he entered her slowly. Cagalli’s panting grew deeper as she felt like being torn into two! She yelled a bit as she held on to Athrun, he was huge for her. It had pained her so much, yet she loved everything that was happening, every second!

Athrun entered only half his size in her, letting her adjust to him. Then slowly, he continued to enter her, slowly for the first few thrusts then his pace quickened. Cagalli still was in pain. Blood was also spilling out of her opening as each of Athrun’s thrusts led to penetrating her.

Athrun went even quicker, her virginity barrier being penetrated and soon the pain was gone and all that was left was pleasure and love. Soon enough, Cagalli and Athrun’s bodies were in tune with each and to the rhythm they had.

“Ahhh………” Cagalli let out softly as she panted for air “This… is… wonderful… Athrun…”

“Indeed it is…” He replied as he continued to thrust in and out of her quickly and deeply.

Then his pace slowed down, his thrusts became slow and deep. Cagalli couldn’t take it, it was torturing her yet in a pleasurable way. He was giving her the bliss she needed, the love she ever wanted.

“Faster… Umph… Athrun… Faster… Mmmph…” Cagalli moaned and Athrun’s pace quickened.

Cagalli’s breathing went deep as she felt another orgasm coming. Her walls tightened on him as she let her legs circle his waist.

“Cagalli!” Athrun groaned.

“Athrun!” She yelled.

Cagalli was the first to orgasm, her juice spilling out of her as her legs around Athrun’s waist lessened its grip. Athrun was next to orgasm, his semen squirted while he was still in her. He got out of her and laid down beside her, hugging her closely to him.

Both were covered in sweat and were panting for air. It was now dark, surprisingly, it was going to be a Saturday tomorrow, both didn’t notice until now.

Cagalli laid her head down on his chest and he had his arms around her protectively.

“I love you, Athrun” Cagalli said as she closed her eyes.

“I love you too, Cagalli” He replied and caressed her hair as she slowly drifted to sleep.

Once she had fallen fast asleep, Athrun wrapped themselves in a blanket and held her closer to him and closed his eyes to sleep.

“Cagalli…” He muttered before sleep took over him.

This time, Cagalli was not afraid to fall asleep and dream anymore. Because now, she didn’t have to dream anymore, she has him outside dream world and that was best.



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§ 3 Responses to Daddy Dearest

  • myiel says:

    I was hoping that Cagalli isn’t really Athrun’s daughter. At least they ended up together. Hehe. How old are they in here anyway?

  • anon says:

    this is wrong.. 😦

    what would you feel if your father sexually molested you?….

    • Vani Jane says:

      If you didn’t like the subject of the story, then you shouldn’t have read it.

      And this is a fan-fiction, “fiction” as in not of reality. So, there’s no point of getting serious into these kinds of stuff (and I know that what I have here is light compared to the numerous ones online).

      But thanks for reading, though.

      -Vani Jane

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