Backfire! II

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Chapter Two: Red to Blue

The following day, Kira arrived in school extra early. And as he foresaw Cagalli and Zala arrived together. He glared angrily at Athrun as Athrun and Cagalli laughed happily like how he and Cagalli used to laugh.

The bell rang indicating it was time for classes to start. Kira excitedly ran to the classroom followed by Athrun and Cagalli. He smiled at them and waved at them as if he didn’t have anything planned.

During math time, it was the subject before play time, the trio had an easy time.

Once Aisha gave out the scores, Athrun was 100, Cagalli was 95 and Kira was 99.

Always under you, huh?‘ Kira thought angrily ‘But that’s all gonna change today!

“Okay, class, you may all go to the playground and play” Aisha said as she led the kids to the playground.

“Be careful now, if anyone gets hurt come to me” Aisha said as she went back in the classroom.

“Yes, Ms. Aisha!” The class replied.

‘Oh, there’s someone that’s gonna get hurt today alright!’ Kira thought and laughed evilly in his head.

Kira saw Athrun and Cagalli playing on the monkey bars. And he smirked evilly.

“This is going to be a piece of mushroom” Kira murmured.

Kira climbed the tree near the monkey bars which branch overlaps to the monkey bars. Kira’s smirk went eviler.

‘Say bye bye to Cagalli, Zala!’ Kira said in his thoughts.

Then Kira poured blue colored liquid from a small pail he left there earlier on Athrun. Athrun fell from the monkey bars with a yell.

“Ath-chan!” Cagalli yelled worriedly and climbed down the monkey bars.

Kira chuckled evilly as he saw Athrun rubbing his head painfully.

“Ne, Ath-chan, are you okay?” Cagalli asked worriedly.

“I’m okay…” Athrun replied.

“What’s this blue thingy all over your head?” Cagalli asked as she touched his head.

“I don’t know, it fell on me from the tree” Athrun pointed at the tree.

Kira froze on his spot he was damn terrified if he’d get caught.

“Never mind that, Ath-chan, we have to get you clean!” Cagalli said.

“Yeah, I guess” Athrun replied as he tried to get up.

“I’ll go tell Ms. Aisha” Cagalli said “And I’ll get your extra shirt and your towel on the cubby hole!”

Then Cagalli ran to the classroom and ran back a few minutes later with Athrun’s things with Ms. Aisha.

“Tsk… Tsk… Tsk… Come on, Athrun, I’ll help you wash that paint off” Aisha said as she held Athrun’s hand “And you come with us, Cagalli” Aisha held Cagalli’s hand and the three of them went to the comfort room.

Aisha helped Athrun wash off the paint as Cagalli held Athrun’s things. Aisha got shampoo from her desk (I don’t know why she’d have one there) and placed shampoo on Athrun’s hair since the paint wont remove from his hair.

“Oh dear heavens!” Aisha exclaimed.

“What’s wrong, Ms. Aisha?” Cagalli asked.

“The liquid which I thought was paint, is actually hair dye!” Aisha answered.

“What’s hair dye?” Athrun asked.

“It’s a kind of paint for the hair… And that brand of hair dye was only for the hair…” Aisha sighed “We can’t do anything now, Athrun, I guess you have to stick to blue hair for now”

“You mean Ath-chan can’t have red hair?” Cagalli asked.

“Yes” Aisha replied “Look, I’ll leave you two for a while, I think the principal is calling me. Can you manage on your own?”

The two kids nodded.

“Okay, good…” Aisha sighed in relief “Athrun, take care of Cagalli”

“Yes, Ms. Aisha” Athrun smiled then Aisha walked out of the room.

Cagalli could only stare at Athrun’s new hair color.

“So? How does it look?” Athrun asked pointing to his blue hair.

“It makes you look better” Cagalli commented “It goes well with you than red”

“Really?” Athrun asked “You sure?”

“Yep! I am!” Cagalli grinned.

“Then it’s no problem that I have blue hair!” Athrun smiled and scratched his head goofily.

Cagalli smiled back and gave Athrun the towel. Athrun dried his new blue hair and wiped the water on his face. Then Cagalli gave Athrun his shirt, she turned around so that her back was facing him. Athrun changed into his new shirt which had the color red like his previous hair color. He tapped Cagalli lightly on the shoulder and Cagalli faced him with a big smile on her face.

“Wow! Ath-chan, you really look better with your new hair color!” Cagalli awed and ruffled his hair.

“Hey!” Athrun said playfully.

Then they both laughed and told jokes and so on and so forth playing. Then they continued joking around as they went out of the comfort room. Cagalli and Athrun raced to the swings luckily, they were able to snatch two swings that are beside each other.

“What would Shin say about my hair color?” Athrun asked.

“Don’t worry! Trust me! You look better with blue hair!” Cagalli said with self-confidence.

“If you say so, Ca-chan!” Athrun said.

“Ne, Ath-chan, what do you think of playing at my house later?” Cagalli asked.

“Sure!” Athrun smiled.

“Mommy bought this Haro movie!” Cagalli smiled “Let’s watch it there!”

“YEY!” Athrun cheered “I like Haro!”

“Me too! I like Mr. Green!” Cagalli smiled.

“I like Mr. Blue” Athrun smiled back.

“See! Blue is your color! You like Mr. Blue, and blue looks better on you than red!” Cagalli said while pointing a finger on his hair “Plus, Ms. Red is bad and stupid in Haro”

Athrun nodded.

“And you look good in green, Ca-chan. No wonder, you like Mr. Green” Athrun said.

Cagalli nodded “My favorite color is green!”

The two shared jokes and laughed happily. While a brunette was glaring at a certain blue-head angrily. The brunette was holding a stick and it oh, broke into two pieces from his strong grip on it.

Shin and Stellar were walking towards the preschool together as they chatted. They saw Cagalli playing with a kid they never saw before…

“Where’s Athrun?” Shin asked.

“And who the heck is my sister playing with?” Stellar asked.

Both in shock.

“Do you think they fought?” Stellar gasped.

“Nah, couldn’t be. Athrun won’t fight a girl… I think.” Shin replied “Plus, he and Cagalli were having a great time playing yesterday at your place”

“I know.” Stellar said with worry “Then, why is Cagalli playing with that kid and not your brother? And where is your brother?”

“I don’t know, I guess we should ask Cagalli” Shin replied “I’m sure she knows where that brother of mine is”

Stellar nodded and the both of them ran to Cagalli.

“Cagalli, where’s Athrun?” Stellar panted.

Cagalli pointed at the blue-head beside her.

“ATHRUN!” Shin gasped, his eyes were wide as saucers. He knelt down and shook his brother furiously “What the he-ck happened to you! Your… Your… Your HAIR!”

“Someone spilled paint on me” Athrun said calmly “It won’t come out of my hair”

“Mother is going to beat the s– day lights out of me!” Shin yelled as he walked back and forth.

“Who spilled paint on your hair, Athrun?” Stellar asked.

“I don’t know. Ca-chan and I were playing on the monkey bars and I fell because of the paint” Athrun explained with gestures.

“Do you not know that mother will be angry!” Shin yelled at his brother.

Athrun stared at him and then started to cry.

“But… It was an accident…” Athrun cried, wiping his tears off his eyes.

“Please, stop crying, Athrun” Shin panicked “I didn’t mean it that way… Er… Please stop crying!”

“I want ice-cream and I will forgive you!” Athrun said.

“You little!” Shin gritted his teeth.

“I’ll tell mommy you made my hair like this!” Athrun threatened.

“Fine! I’ll buy you ice-cream!” Shin said.

“YEY!” Athrun cheered “One for Ca-chan and Stellar too!”

“Fine!” Shin sighed ‘Brothers…’

“YEY!” Cagalli and Athrun cheered.

“Ne, Shin, do you think that Ath-chan looks better with blue hair than red?” Cagalli asked Shin.

“I guess…” Shin replied.

“Huh?” Cagalli looked at him confusedly.

“I said yes” Shin repeated.

“YEY!” Cagalli and Athrun cheered.

“Can I go to Ca-chan’s house to watch the Haro movie?” Athrun asked his brother.

“I don’t know” Shin replied.

Then Athrun stepped on his foot.

“Whatever!” Shin said.

Athrun and Cagalli stared at him.

“Shin said yes” Stellar smiled.

“YAY!” Cagalli and Athrun cheered.

Then they went to buy ice-cream. Then to Stellar’s house. Cagalli and Athrun stayed inside Cagalli’s room to watch Haro the movie, where Mr. Green was mistaken to be a guy, in reality, Mr. Green is a Ms. Green!


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