Backfire! III

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Chapter Three: Haro trouble

It has been three weeks since Athrun and Cagalli watched Haro the movie, Cagalli still can’t stop talking about the movie. And Athrun didn’t want to disappoint her so he talked with her about Haro the movie.

“Ath-chan!” Cagalli yelled early in the morning, she went to his house, to his room waking up.

“Wait…” Athrun yawned.

“Wake up, Ath-chan!” Cagalli shook him hard.

“Ca-chan!” Athrun exclaimed “What are you doing here!”

“Did you know that there is a new Haro movie!” Cagalli exclaimed as she flailed her hands “It’s Part Two of Haro movie one! You know the one we watched three weeks ago!”

Athrun sighed “Ca-chan, I was still sleeping”

Cagalli suddenly went silent “Oh, sorry…” Hurt was in her voice “I’ll just see you later…” And with that, she quietly went out of the room with a frown.

“Wait, Ca-chan!” Athrun yelled as he climbed down his bed and opened the door but Cagalli was no longer there “I didn’t mean it that way…” He murmured.

Then he went back in his room and sat on his bed with regret.

“I’m so stupid!” He slapped his forehead.

Then Shin came in.

“Athrun, I saw Cagalli run out of the door, why did she come?” Shin asked.

Athrun didn’t reply, in fact, he didn’t notice Shin’s presence. He just slapped his forehead again.

Shin sighed “ATHRUN!”

Athrun looked up and saw is brother.

“What?” He replied.

“Why did Cagalli come here?” Shin asked.

“I’m so stupid!” Athrun repeated.

“Okay, so what happened?” Shin asked.

Shin sat beside Athrun as Athrun told Shin everything.

“You are stupid” Shin complimented after Athrun was done explaining.

“I know!” Athrun said “Now, she hates me!”

“You’re right” Shin agreed.

“She’ll never talk to me!” Athrun continued.

“True” Shin agreed.

Then Athrun started to cry. And as usual, Shin panicked.

“Hey, stop the tears” Shin said “She’ll still talk to you if you apologize”

“What’s apologize?” Athrun sobbed.

“It’s when you say sorry. But I think that Cagalli won’t forgive you if you just say sorry” Shin said “Maybe if you buy her a Haro doll, you give it to her an she’ll forgive you”

“YEY!” Athrun cheered and hugged his brother “You are so smart! But I don’t have money”

“I’ll buy it for you” Shin smiled “We’ll buy it after your classes, I have money”

“YEY!” Athrun cheered.

“Okay, get ready for school. We will be leaving in a few minutes” Shin said and went out of the room.

‘He’s still in Kindergarten and he’s got love problems with his girl! What a guy!’ Shin thought as he walked into his room “It’s a good thing he has me for a brother…”

Shin and Athrun waited at the Athha doorstep for Stellar and Cagalli. Once Stellar and Cagalli came out, Cagalli wore pink. Which means she’s really depressed.

Stellar sighed at Shin as Shin gave her a confused look. Athrun just remained silent and so did Cagalli.

“Hey, Shin!” Stellar said after sighing “And hello, Athrun!”

“Ready to go?” Shin asked with a smile.

“Yep! Let’s go!” Stellar said.

Then the four of them were on their way to the preschool.

“What’s wrong with Cagalli?” Shin whispered “Why is she so silent? And this is the first time I saw her wear pink”

“She said Athrun hates her” Stellar whispered back “That’s why she’s wearing pink. Whenever my sister wears pink, it means she’s depressed. She hates pink and she only wears it if she’s sad”

Athrun heard what Stellar said and he looked down feeling more guilty.

“My brother keeps on calling himself stupid” Shin whispered back “They’re not even talking to each other”

“I know… It’s sad” Stellar whispered “Cagalli is just too sensitive at times. Even if she tries to act tough mostly, what I don’t get is that whenever she’s sad she denies it and just wears pink and still look happy. But now you can really see she’s sad. She must really be hurt on what Athrun said”

“I know. What he said wasn’t really good either” Shin whispered back.

“Do you think… That they’d ever be friends again?” Stellar asked.

“Who knows, we can’t control their minds unless were super mutants like in X-men!” Shin said “Yet, seriously, I don’t know”

Stellar giggled at Shin’s X-men joke then went back to serious “I just hope they would. TO tell you the truth, I don’t really like that Kira kid near my sis, I get a bad vibe from him”

“Oh, good!” Shin sighed “You’re not the only one, Stel. I can feel it too.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” Stellar asked.

“Because I thought maybe, you like Kira to be friends with your sis or something… I just didn’t want to offend you” Shin said with a blush.

“Thanks, Shin” Stellar smiled “You’re really nice”

When they got at the preschool…

“KIRA!” Cagalli yelled playfully as she waved at Kira.

Kira smiled widely and waved back “Hey, Cagalli!”

Athrun saw this and saddened, she was really mad at him.

Cagalli smiled at Kira as he smiled at her too.

“Wow, Cagalli, you look cute in pink!” Kira awed “I never saw you wear pink before, you should wear it more!”

“May be I would…” Cagalli replied “Hey! Do you know that there’s a PART TWO of Haro movie!”

“Yeah!” Kira smiled “I know that! I can’t wait!”

Athrun’s jaw dropped to the bad place.

‘What a liar! You can sense it in is voice!’ Athrun thought angrily ‘I will get Ca-chan away from you and she’ll forgive me also! I hate you, Kira Yamato!’

“What’s your favorite Haro, Cagalli?” Kira asked.

“I like Ms. Green! And I also like–” Cagalli replied enthusiastically but cut herself off, but she continued anyway but in a low voice “Mr. Blue…”

“Really? I like Mr. Purple!” Kira smiled.

“You have the same eye color as Mr. Purple’s color, Kira!” Cagalli pointed at Kira’s eyes which cause Kira to blush.

“Really?” Kira asked.

“Yeah!” Cagalli smiled “It soot’s you!”

“Thanks!” Kira laughed.

She used to say those to me! Those words are meant for me not you, Tomato paste!’ Athrun thought angrily as he crushed the rock he was holding into tiny bits of pieces ‘Just you wait, Tomato paste!’


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