Backfire! V

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Chapter Five: Halloween Fun!

Kira Yamato sat on his desk, dressed in a tomato costume, snickering evilly as the full moon’s light was cast down upon his desk.

“Oh, this is the night, the beautiful night” Kira said to himself “That Salsa boy will finally go down to the bad place and Princess Cagalli will be mine!”

“Kira-honey!” A woman’s voice called “It’s time to go!”

“Coming, mother!” Kira replied then snickered once more before leaving his room.

At another more un-evil place, the Athha sisters were having a hard time—okay, only Stellar, was having a hard time getting the other Athha in her costume. Stellar was already dressed as a witch, an Cagalli was to dress as either a banana or a fairy.

“I don’t want to be a bananana!!!” Cagalli yelled.

“It’s banana, Ca-chan” Stellar corrected “Then if you won’t wear the banana, wear the fairy!”

“I don’t want to!” Cagalli pouted “It’s not scary!”

“Then wear the banana!”

“It’s stupid!”

“Then the fairy!”

“It’s not scary!”

“It is!”

“It’s not!”

“It is!”

“It’s not!”

“It’s not!”

“It is!”

“It’s not!”

“IT IS!” Cagalli yelled “It is scary!”

“Okay, have it your way” Stellar shrugged her shoulders “Now, wear the fairy”

“Wha!” Cagalli gaped at her sister “You meanie!”

“Wear it or no ice cream” Stellar threatened.

“Fine” Cagalli pouted and got the stupid costume and wore it on.

Twenty minutes later…

“Oh, my darling Cali-walli!” Via squealed as she took pictures of her young elf fairy daughter “You’re so cute!”

Cagalli was pouting, it made her cuter! She was wearing a pink fairy dress with plastic wings and she had elf ears and a stupid wand that sings some stupid song.

“Stellar made me wear it!” Cagalli blamed Stellar and stuck her tongue out at her.

Via stopped taking pictures and pinched Cagalli’s cheek playfully then looked at Stellar “You two should better get going, the Zala brothers are there outside waiting”

“This is stupid…” Cagalli murmured as she walked out of the house with Stellar.

“Bye, mom!” Stellar smiled “We’ll be back before twelve”

Then the two sisters left and met the Zala brothers outside. Shin was dressed as a dead zombie pirate and Athrun was dressed as a ehem… grape. Just one piece of grape okay!

“Hey, look at you, Ca-chan” Sin chuckled “You look cuter than Athrun”

“Shut-up!” Athrun said and stomped on Shin’s foot but lost his balance instead and was lying flat on the ground on his belly… Grape belly…

Shin laughed as his brother tried to get up but couldn’t.

“What’s the matter, Athrun?” Shin laughed “Can’t get up? HAHAHAHA!!!”

“Shut-up!” Athrun yelled “Or I’ll tell you to Mommy!”

“It was either that or a ballerina princess costume almost similar to Ca-chan’s, so stop whining” Shin said.

Athrun pouted and attempted to cross his arms but couldn’t.

“What’s her reason for wearing an adorable costume?” Shin asked Stellar.

“It was that or a banana, I had to trick her into wearing that since the banana costume stank like a pig’s behind” Stellar replied.

Shin sighed “Sibs…”

“Okay, we’ll meet back at school” Shin said to the two first graders “Just do your trick or treating until you get fed up and go meet us at school. Remember be there by eleven or less, got it?”

“Yep” The two weirdly dressed kids replied and the two older sibs left them.

“Help me get up, Ca-chan” Athrun pleaded.

“I can’t” Cagalli replied “You’re too heavy, just keep on staying like that and I’ll just push you”

“Fine” Athrun replied with a pout.

“Hey, let’s go that house first!” Cagalli said pointing at a well lit house with pumpkins then started to run to the house.

“Ca-chan!” Athrun called “What about me!”

“Oh, right” Cagalli grinned and went back for Athrun and pushed him to the house.

Then when they got on the front step, Cagalli rang the door bell with her stupid looking wand and they waited.

Then the door was opened by a red head guy bringing a bowl of sweets.

“Trick or treat!” Athrun and Cagalli said.

“Oh, look at the both of you!” The guy said “You too look cute! Hey, sis! Get the camera over here! There’s these two cute trick or treat-ers!”

“Really?” Replied a brunette “Wow, they really are cute!” Then the brunette took three snap shots of Athrun and Cagalli.

“Hey” The guy said “Why are you lying down?”

“Well, I can’t up because of this stupid costume” Athrun replied.

“Aw, that’s so cute!” The girl squealed “Here, sweets for the both of you!” Then the girl placed lots of sweets on their bags.

“Thanks” Cagalli smiled and rolled Athrun out of the front step and to the next house.

“Trick or treat!” The two said.

“Oh, what adorable little children!” The cheerful lady said with a cheerful smile “Oh!” Then she got her camera and took three pictures of the two and then gave them candies.

Then Cagalli rolled Athrun to the next house and the next. And every house they went to took pictures of them and they gave them lots of candies and no one tried to help Athrun up.

They took a break after their twentieth house.

“Look how much we got, Ath-chan!” Cagalli grinned excitedly.

“Yes, it is a lot” Athrun replied “But I’m getting dizzy, I want to stand up!”

Then a couple, dressed both as vampires passed by and stopped before them.

“The both of you look so cute together!” The female, a brunette, smiled “can we take a picture of you two?”

“Sure!” Cagalli grinned and Athrun felt like slapping himself but he couldn’t.

Then the brunette female took shots of Athrun and Cagalli.

“Now, how about a picture with you standing up, kid” The blonde male said as he let Athrun stand up. “You look stupid lying down on the ground like a dead grape—but it’s Halloween, I guess, it’s alright”

Then the brunette once more took pictures of the two kids.

“Thanks for your time” The brunette said “Here, have some more candy”

Then the man placed candy on their bags and they both left.

“What weird grown-ups” Cagalli said.

“But at least I’m standing up now” Athrun smiled “Let’s go get more sweets!”

Then the two of them continued to get more sweets and this time, Athrun was walking. But unknown to the two, a tomato dressed boy was following them.

An hour later…

“We have one more house to visit” Cagalli said seriously.

“W-We have?” Athrun asked nervously.

“Yes” Cagalli nodded “And it’s that one”

Cagalli pointed at a creepy looking house and there were thunder sounds that made Athrun’s knees shake.

“Must we?” Athrun asked “I mean, it’s already getting late”

“It won’t take even ten minutes” Cagalli said “Let’s go, Ath-can!”

Then Cagalli pulled Athrun’s hand and skipped to the creepy looking house. Once they got to the front step, Cagalli rang the door bell while Athrun hi behind her, terrified.

Then Athrun looked at the scary looking lawn, making sure that no ghosts were there. Then suddenly, Athrun saw a ghost and nearly yelled, not for something that pulled him away from Cagalli!

Cagalli turned but didn’t find Athrun instead, a boy dressed in a tomato.

“Oh, is that you, Kira?” Cagalli asked.

“Hi, Cagalli!” Kira smiled “Pretty brave of you to come to this creepy house all by yourself”

“It’s creepy, but not scary” Cagalli replied “But, I was here with Ath-chan. Now, he’s gone”

“What was he dressed as?” Kira asked innocently.

“As a grape” Cagalli replied.

“Oh, so he was the one that I saw running away crying out: Mommy!” Kira replied “Well, it seems he’s too big of a scared-y cat for you, Cagalli”

“If he didn’t want to come here, he could have just said so” Cagalli said “Well, after this, I’ll go look for him. Wanna help me?”

“Sure” Kira said.

Then the door opened to reveal a very kind looking lady with a huge cheerful grin.

“Trick or treat!” Cagalli and Kira said.

“How adorable!” The lady grinned “Too bad my camera is broken, well, here, have some candies!”

After that, Cagalli and Kira left and looked for Athrun. Thirty minutes later…

“Oh, we can’t find Ath-chan!” Cagalli pouted.

“He might be home by now” Kira said “Let’s just go to the school and have fun!”

“No” Cagalli said, shaking her head “Ath-chan won’t just leave me and go home, he must be hiding somewhere! He could be frightened! I have to look for him!”

“Fine, I’ll help you” Kira sighed “But you’ll never find him!

Then they began to search for Athrun again.

Somewhere, where Athrun was lying down on and can’t move.

“That stupid, tomato!” Athrun said to himself “He did this so that he could steal Cagalli from me! Urgh! I’ll get you back for this, Tomato paste! Just watch me! But first, I have to get out of here!”

Then Athrun stuck his arms and head in the grape costume and un-zipped the zipper from inside and got out.

“Never underesticlimate me!” Athrun said “I’ll show you who’s a scared-y cat, Yamato!”

Then he got the grape costume and dragged it.

“But what is it that he fears so much?” Athrun asked himself then saw a kid with silver hair dressed as Death and smirked.

Athrun walked over to that kid “Hey, Yzak!”

The kid turned his head and saw Athrun dragging his costume towards him “What is it, Zala?”

“Hi, Yzak!” Athrun smiled “I know you hate Tomato boy as much as I do, and I sort of needed your help for a little prank”

“On Tomato boy?” Yzak said then smirked “Sure, Zala!”

“Thanks!” Athrun smiled.

“By the way, what’s with your costume?” Yzak asked.

“It’s a grape” Athrun replied “You see…” Then Athrun explained everything to Yzak and Yzak smirked.

“I know exactly what you need” Yzak said and the two boys went to find Kira.

Thirty minutes later…

Kira and Cagalli were still walking around when Cagalli saw from a far a grape costume in an empty and dark lot.

“Ath-chan!” Cagalli grinned and ran to the grape costume, pulling Kira’s arm.

It was so dark that Kira couldn’t see a thing anymore! Then suddenly, light flashed on Kira’s eyes and he rubbed his eyes and when he opened them, he saw lots of broccoli (A/N: Which btw, is one of my favorite veggies—and that’s rare for me to like veggies!) around him and he freaked out.

“Kira, you’ve been a very bad boy” Said a guy with a creepy voice behind Kira.

Kira turned his head and saw Death!

“Now, you must suffer the punishment” Death said angrily but Kira chickened out and ran home crying.

Death removed his cloak only to reveal Athrun and Yzak, with Yzak on top. Then Yzak got off Athrun and they shook each other’s hands.

“Pleasure doing business with you, Zala” Yzak said.

“Same here, Yzak” Athrun smiled.

“Ah! There you are, Ath-chan!” Cagalli smiled and ran to Athrun.

“Oh, Ca-chan, this is Yzak” Athrun said introducing Cagalli to Yzak “He’s one of our classmates, but I think you didn’t talk to him yet”

“Nice to meet you, Yz-chan!” Cagalli smiled.

“Whatever” Yzak replied.

“Don’t worry” Athrun said “He’s always like that. Now, let’s go to the next neighborhood, you coming, Yzak?”

“Fine” Yzak said.

“But first, get in your costume, Ath-chan” Cagalli said and got the grape costume and Athrun placed it on.

As they walked to the next neighborhood, Athrun tripped and landed on his belly and once more, he was rolled, this time, by Yzak and Cagalli.

Around eleven, Shin and Stellar saw the three of them sitting on the side walk. Cagalli and Yzak looked tired and Athrun looked dizzy.

“What happened?” Shin asked.

“Ath-chan tripped, so we had to push him” Cagalli explained “But, we didn’t know that the next neighborhood was slanting down, so we had to chase after Ath-chan and push him back up”

“You three look like you need ice cream” Stellar said “Shin and I will treat the three of you to ice cream, let’s go”

“YEY!” The three kids grinned.

“But, you two push Athrun to the ice cream shop” Shin said.

“NO!!!” The three kids yelled.


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