Heileen: High Tides – Found

January 9, 2010 § 10 Comments

Disclaimer: I don’t own Heileen or its characters. They are owned by Jack_Norton, Tycoon Games.

Note: Contain’s spoilers for Heileen II: Hands of Fate.

Game: Guys, if you don’t know what game I’m talking about, here’s the links to the two games.
Heileen I: Sail To The New World
Heileen II: Hands of Fate

High Tides

A Heileen Fanfiction

Chapter One: Found

“Heileen?” Ebele excitedly called, opening the door to Heileen’s cabin as she did. “Heileen, wake up!”

“Ebele…?” Heileen groaned, slowly sitting up from her bed as she rubbed her eyes with a finger. “Is there something wrong?”

“We found them!” Ebele cheered happily, grabbing Heileen’s hands and clasping them between her dark hands. “Lora! John! Marie! Everyone! They have been found!”

Heileen’s eyes widened in surprise and tears cascaded down her cheeks. “Oh, oh, I need to—I need to see them! They’re alive! Ebele, they’re alive! Thank God!”

“Yes, isn’t it great, Heileen?” Ebele cried as well, “I will help you dress. We must hurry.”

“Yes, of course!” Heileen nodded, wiping her tears with a smile and jumped off of bed.

Quickly, Heileen dressed with Ebele’s help. The moment they were done—or nearly done since Heileen no longer bothered to tied up her jacket—they ran out the cabin to the deck.

Tears began to fall down Heileen’s cheeks once more as she saw her friends; she couldn’t believe they were alive!

“Marie!” Heileen cried aloud, “Lora! You’re all alive!”

“Heileen!” Marie grinned brightly when she saw her blonde friend, “Heileen, you’re safe!”

Heileen ran into the arms of Marie and Lora, she cried on them. They were safe, Heileen told herself.

“It’s all right, dear.” Lora whispered to her gently, tears streaming softly down her cheeks. “Let it out. Thank God, you’re safe, Heileen!”

“Yes,” Heileen looked up at Lora with tear stained cheeks. “Yes, we’re all safe now! And it’s all thanks to Mar—Morgan!”

“Morgan? Who is this Morgan?” Marie asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“That would be me, ladies.” A deep male voice said followed by loud footsteps from behind Heileen. “Captain Morgan. It’s a relief that we finally found you, my little bird wouldn’t stop worrying until we found you.”

Heileen blushed at what he called her and quickly changed the topic by saying, “He and Juliet have been taking good care of us—Ebele, Robert and I! We’ve been aboard this ship for nearly a month now.”

“Well, Morgan, thank you for taking care of my Heileen.” Lora smiled brightly, seeing the closeness Morgan and Heileen had.

Marie looked at Morgan for a moment then frowned, “How is it that you look familiar? Have you ever been to Liverpool?”

“Uh, no.” Morgan lied, “Of course, not, Miss. I’m simply a pirate.”

Heileen looked at Morgan briefly then turned her head to look past Lora and Marie. The other pirates were heaving Marco up the ship and it didn’t look as if he lost any weight at all.

“Oh, Marco!” Heileen gasped and went over to the large and adorable chef, embracing him the moment his feet landed on the ship’s floor.

“Ah, it’s good to know you’re alive, Heileen!” Marco chuckled, embracing the younger girl. “Marie cried buckets for days, I tell you.”

“Move over, Marco.” A male’s voice came from behind Marco and Heileen felt her cheeks flame up.

Marco quickly moved a few steps away and John came up the ship. Heileen caught her breath; he looked as if he hadn’t changed either. He was still as good-looking as the first time she laid eyes on him at the Liverpool port.

“John…” She whispered his name so low she didn’t even hear herself.

“Mar—Heileen.” John held his breath when he saw her. Her big clear eyes staring wide at him in disbelief and his own amber ones were doing the same at her. “Heileen!”

Without another thought, he embraced her tightly in his arms.

“John!” Heileen gasped, her cheeks going red, feeling John’s wide, strong chest press on hers. “Wha—”

Before she could even finish, John had once again, taken her lips on his.

To be continued…

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§ 10 Responses to Heileen: High Tides – Found

  • loof123 says:

    Vani, It is almost 6 months passed and still not an update. If you can’t post then I understand it. But I’m curious.

    • Vani Jane says:

      O.o It’s been six months?! I haven’t even realized that!
      I still haven’t forgotten ’bout this–whaa~ I’ll try to update it, loof. Sorry! >.<

  • loof123 says:

    So cool Vani! Please do the second part quick!

  • jack norton says:

    I’m the original Heileen game author, I found your blog when doing some google searches. You are doing a great job, and hope will continue writing this story, I’m having fun reading it myself.
    If you want, please put a link to the game page so people know what game you’re referring to 🙂


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