Work… Work… Work…

February 21, 2010 § 6 Comments

Hi, guys! Sorry for no updates on anything the past few weeks. I’ve been quite a busybody recently. 😛

There’s of course, school. It keeps me busy and at the same time drains my youth. I started schooling since I was two and now look at me, it looks as if I’ve aged fifteen years! O.o See what school does to you? Lol. Anyway, there was the bloody mid-terms to be busy about then semi’s are coming.

Had some projects to do, as well. But oh well, that’s school.

But it hasn’t been an “All Work And No Play” deal for me. Lol. If it were, I’d be six feet under the ground now. 😀

I’m doing a walkthrough for an idie RPG called Dark Souls: Kara’s Quest, it’s made by Delmaschio/Warfare Studios. You guys should check it out, it’s a great game.  I’m in the middle of the game (or so I believe) and I’m doing the walkthrough along as I play.

If you’re interested, the walkthrough will be placed at

If I ever do make more, all walkthroughs I will make will be found at that site.

And it’s a great site with a forum. There are cool RPG and non-RPG games there, too. Both of freeware and commercial. But it’s at overcloud9 where you can find walkthroughs for free. These walkthroughs are made by overcloud9 herself or of the other members. Their walkthroughs are great and even have screenshots to guide you in case you get lost.

So, that’s my update. Lol. Gotta go, got more stuffs to do. 😀

-Vani Jane


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§ 6 Responses to Work… Work… Work…

  • Moumita Paul says:

    “There are cool RPG and non-RPG games there, too.”

    I’ve removed the non-rpg section to invisibility you know,because I want to concentrate on displaying my love and dedication for RPGs only.the other games were there for those who might try a variation in gaming or a break from RPGs.after all not everyone is an RPG addict like me 😀

  • loof says:

    You’re continuing from my walkthrough? If not then you may. I formatted my comp anyway. I lost my savefiles my walkthrough and a lot other things. If you haven’t passed the place from my walkthrough please use mine. Even if you did. I put a lot effort to it. (Actually not a lot it was 3 hours.) So please if you complete it, please in Credits put me too!!!!

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