Pokemon Animated Sprite

February 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay, I had some time around 3AM this morning when the lights went out again – luckily, my laptop’s battery was fully charged! Well, during that time, I had made what other people were doing in the Pokemon community – making those animated sprites.

Well, mine’s a bit different.

Yhannen's Team I

This is my main team whenever I play Crystal Version. The sprites are from the D/P/HG/SS generation that I got from The Spriters Resource.

The trainer sprite is a recolouring of the female HG/SS hero (Soul/Kotone/Lyra). I recoloured her to make her look like the trainer sprite from Crystal Version. But I made her shirt pink instead of black, like Marina form Raikou: The Thunder Legend. Also, her hair colour is the same as Marina’s but her hat and everything else are in the colours of the female trainer from Crystal Version.

Trainer – Yhannen Greystone
Feraligatr – Wani (Prof. Elm; starting Pokemon)
Ampharos – Amphy (Gameshark; evolve from Mareep->Flaaffy)
Blastoise – Blasty (Gameshark; evolve from Squirtle->Wartortle)
Eevee – Vui (Bill; Goldenrod City after time-machine event)
Raikou – Raikee (Gameshark; Master Ball cheat)

And that’s right, I don’t use any flying Pokemon. I rely on my bicycle and surf. I also only use Electric and Water Pokemon, Eevee is an exception since he’s a Normal Type. And he’s really cute ^^; but I’ve no intention to have him evolve into a Jolteon, Vaporeon or any of its other evolutions. That’s why he always holds an Everstone. He’s already too happy that every level up by day, he evolves to Espeon and by night, Umbreon. 😛

I think later when I have more, more, more time I’ll make more. ^^

I can’t wait for Pokemon HG/SS — I’m over the whole Soul/Kotone/Lyra hating (shortest anti-character I ever had) thing. I just re-read Pokemon Adventures and Kris has brown hair in the manga, so, I’ll just imagine Soul as Kris. ^^

Tho, I do hope in the future there’s going to be Gameshark code where Soul’s sprite will turn into those colours up there. 😀

Anyhoo~ Yeah, that’s about that.

Took me 30 minutes to do this, using Paint.Net to edit and paste the sprites together. Then used Glickr to animate it. I really should get Photoshop when I get that new laptop. 😛


Free to use but credit me (Vani Jane) or link it back here (www.vanijane.wordpress.com).


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