Uragiri wa Boku no Namae O Shitteiru Episode 1

April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have numerously experienced a death-like and reborn-like state while (finally) watching the first episode of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae O Shitteiru.

Zess/Luka during the intro killed me and revived me then killed me again only to revive me. I had to watch the episode twice consecutively just to make sure I got all that in–but it wasn’t really much of a different since on both runs, I was squealing, rolling, fanning myself (yes, I was), dying, being reborn and nose bleeding.

The intro itself killed me and when I thought I was going to get through everything without another death-like state, Luka had to speak with Takahiro Sakurai’s voice and I went into yet another death-like state. 😐

Practically, every time Takahiro Sakurai, Ishida Akira or Jun Fukuyama spoke, I went into that death-like state. Thank God, Yuki who is voiced by Souichiro Hoshi did most of the talking.

When Kanata appeared, I swooned.

When Tsukumo appeared, I fainted.

When Zess rescued Yuki, my blood rushed too quickly and powerfully that I died.

Now, as much as like to talk about my death-like and reborn-like experiences, I’m going to be talking about the episode (and not the characters) now.

Episode 1 followed the first chapter of the manga yet despite knowing what happens next, I was still on the edge as if I never read the manga at all. In the manga, I kinda didn’t get much of the dramatic vibe since I was speed reading. In the anime, I got the dramatic vibe that placed me more on the edge and I like it!

The only downside I see in this episode is that Zess appears in the first minute of the anime (excluding the opening) then the next time he clearly appears is at the end of the episode, rescuing Yuki.

When that damned truck was speeding towards Yuki, I hadn’t realized I was squeaking, “Zess! Zess! Zess!” so frantically. Then I gave one loud, “Eeeek!” the moment Zess appeared; which was followed by an, “OMG!” when Zess and Yuki were on the sky with the moon as their background. Then of course, I squealed like I was being roasted when Zess dramatically walked away (who couldn’t?! That was so COOL!).

Then I went into a “she’s-lost-it-big-time” mode (that’s what my friends call it) when the ending credits came. The first episode was such a cliff-hanger–and I was on the edge the whole episode! O.o

The preview for the next episode was so cute that I died~ Lol.

Man, I so can’t wait for the next release from Yuurisan Subs (they’re the group subbing UraBoku!). I hope they can release the next episode soon (even if they have like, nine current projects to sub in total).

Anyway, my impatience aside, Yuurisan Subs did a wonderful job subbing UraBoku and the quality of the video and audio was making my invisible tail wag like a contented neko excellent! 😉

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