Angel Beats! Episode 3

April 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh man… When I saw the preview of this episode from episode 2 yesterday, I thought that it was going to be an episode full of songs and would feature a concert of GDM. However, while that’s true that it had featured two new songs from GDM (Alchemy and a ballad song) and a concert, it’s quite a sad episode. 😥

The episode started off quite funny (as usual) with the SSS talking about their next battle. Iwasawa presented her new song (the ballad) however, it was rejected by Yuri though, Iwasawa didn’t take it harshly.

They introduced a new character, Takeyama “Christ”, a glasses character who is actually a genius and a computer hacker. Now, doesn’t anyone find it weird he calls himself “Christ”? I mean, we’re talking about a world with Tenshi (Angel), rebels against God, a world between heaven and earth? Lol.

Anyway, most of the members are shocked at “Christ” and Noda openly challenged him to test him to which Otonashi commented, “You don’t have any friends, do you?“.

“Christ” proved to be quite erm… powerful against Noda. He recited Pi against Noda which resulted into Noda flapping around like a fish outta water until he was paralysed on the floor.

Ooyama: Stop, stop! That guy’s an idiot!

Yuri: That’s right. Our weakness is that we’re stupid.

Otonashi: That’s not something a leader should say…

As expected, we get to hear Iwasawa’s “life story”. As she had said, it wasn’t quite as horrible as Yuri’s life story but it was still unfair and sad.

Otonashi gains new respect for SSS, saying that “they’re all trying to rebel against God, against accepting an unfair life. They’re trying to fight it.“.

While Otonashi reflects on whatever he’s reflecting, we see Tenshi trying to take down the GDM posters which Yui (that crazed fan girl with the tail from episode 1) had posted up. The NPCs are rebelling against Tenshi, asking her to ignore it just this once.

Yet Tenshi ignores them and walks (or rather, disappears) away. We see her walking down the hall, looking at the GDM promotional poster saying, “It’s almost like I’m the bad guy.

In the end, while GDM was conducting a live concert, the SSS broke in Tenshi’s room with “Christ” to hack into her computer. While hacking, they found out new things about Tenshi–that she makes or rather, creates her own skills and weapons in a way similar to how the SSS makes their own weapons.

This new information causes the SSS to wonder (and me as well) on why Tenshi doesn’t just get her weapons or skills from God. This train of thought eventually led Yuri to think that there might not be a God at all. But let’s all remember what she had said in the first episode to Otonashi, “I’m not an angel.“.

Iwasawa’s disappearance had also shocked the SSS and confused them. They believe that Tenshi had erased Iwasawa however, they are having doubts since Iwasawa disappeared while being in front of a large number of NPCs. Yet it seems (to me), that she had “passed on” since she had accepted her (unfair and harsh) life. Kinda like how the old stories go with a spirit stuck on Earth until they are at peace with themselves.

All in all, it makes things quite interesting now with Iwasawa’s disappearance (since we had initially thought that if they acted like an NPC, they would get obliderated) and what we found out about Tenshi.

Kinda makes me think that Tenshi’s not all that bad and that she’s only misunderstood. Or that she knows something but doesn’t want to tell anyone else or she doesn’t know how to tell anyone else–as in, the character who thinks she could do it all by herself or that character who’s awkward and doesn’t know how to talk to people.

I’m really excited for the next episode now! My curiosity is killing me :|, I want to know what’s really going on in their world. Mou~ 😉


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