Hakuouki Episode 1-2

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So, a few days ago (or may be that was a week ago, I’m not quite sure), my friend told me about Hakuouki. The moment she said, “It’s based from an otome game by the same people who made Will O’ Wisp and…”, I immediately replied, “Link. Now.”. 😀

It’s about a girl called Yukimura (Lol. Prince of Tennis!) Chihuahua Chizuru who’s dressing up as a man to search for her missing father. On the day she arrives at the capital city, she is chased by two men (one was old and ugly, the other was kinda young and not ugly yet not a bishounen, either) then all of a sudden, they were attacked by what appeared (to me) as crazed man eating zombies.

Just when those crazed zombies wannabe’s were about to attack Chizuru, a bishounen comes and kills both of those wannabe’s. Then another bishounen steps out from the shadows and they realize that Chizuru was there all that time. Then another bishounen appears and points his sword at Chizuru.

The OP of the anime is worth watching. Like, don’t skip it. You’ll miss a good OP if you do. The first one second of that OP features a bishounen up close, putting his clothes on for God’s sake! Then the rest of the OP features the other bishounen, too! So, it’s WORTH EVERY SECOND! Oh, yeah, and ehem, the song is catchy, too. Makes my tail wag like it’s on fire. 😀

Episode 1 – We, of course, get to meet the bishounen of the New Shinsengumi (faints). We don’t see them much in action for this episode but nevertheless, it’s a wonderful episode! Though, most of the time, they’re all threatening Chizuru that they’d kill her if she doesn’t do this or that. 😀

However, stubborn Chizuru attempts to escape but is caught by Hijitaka (nosebleed) and she is forced to explain herself in front of all those bishounen. So, she explains herself, tells them her story about her father. After her story, Hijikata remarks that, “So, that’s why a little girl was wearing men’s clothes.”

Kondou, Heisuke and Shinpachi are surprised at this revelation that she’s a girl (but good God, it’s obvious as Okita states!). However, unimpressed, Shinpachi asks her to prove it and Harada suggests that she takes her clothes off (in front of everyone! Holy shit the fuck!). But Kondou breaks everyone’s fun by exclaiming that he won’t allow it. 😛

San’nan then takes everyone’s attention by asking about her father. When she confirms that the man they were talking about is her father, everyone turns somewhat grim. Now, they were suspicious of her since she might be a spy from the enemy or something. They also tell her that her father had been missing since a month before after his clinic was burned down.

Anyway, she’s been ordered by Hijikata to remain in her room and to not leave it. Okita and Saito seem to be the two people in charge of looking after her. The following morning, Saito and Okita brought Chizuru her breakfast but Heisuke arrives and brings Chizuru along to eat with them.

There’s some trouble during breakfast between Heisuke and Harada, something about the Old Shinsengumi (Old and New? Hmm, I wonder what’s the story behind it all). At the end, they receive news that San’nan was injured on his left arm. This led to everyone being grim since to quote Heisuke, “he might not be able to weild a sword any longer.”.

Episode 2 – Hijikata questions why Chizuru was out of her room and was eating with everyone. He also reminds her that she wasn’t to leave her room, so Chizuru was about to leave when everyone (yes, that’s right, everyone) said that it was their fault because it he who invited her or he who brought her or he who ordered her and so on. Hijikata was bullied then allowed Chizuru to come out of her room but only during meals.

San’nan who was injured was turning emo was detaching himself from the rest and wouldn’t even eat his meals. So, Chizuru asks permission from Hijikata to bring San’nan his meals. She gets his permission and goes to Hijikata, she is treated with San’nan’s rudeness (as expected) however, when everyone had gathered to eat breakfast together, San’nan arrives and seems to be at peace with himself.

Chizuru, while washing her clothes and being watched by Saito and Okita, then asks if she was able to search for her father. Saito says it was impossible since they were low on men and no one could accompany her. Okita then states that she could join them in patrols but only if she could defend herself so Saito tests her and yeah, she obviously lost but Saito tells her that her level was enough for patrolling.

Chizuru asks Hijikata once more for permission to get out of the damned house and he grants her his permission. She joins Okita’s group first but he tells her that if she ever messes up their patrolling, she would be killed (God, one would think they would stop with the we-will-kill-you threats!). While on their search, she luckily helps the Shinsengumi without thinking clearly. Anyway, I’m not going to explain what went there since it’s bloody complicated and I don’t quite get it myself, but we do see Okita rescuing Chizuru (nosebleed).

The episode ends with Kondou’s group of ten men (along with Heisuke, Okita and Shinpachi) ambushing the Ikeda house (where their enemy was planning about burning the city and kidnapping the Emperor) while Chizuru, upon the instructions of San’nan, who couldn’t join the battle, rushes to Hijikata’s group of twenty four men who were at the Shinkoku House to tell them that the meeting was at the Ikeda house.

Man, so like now, I can’t wait for the next episode since God, the preview was full of blood. Like, what if they kill off one of the bishounen?! And it’s a long way ’till Saturday! >.<

Anyways, my friend made this motivation poster of Okita from episode 1. Quite awesome, if you ask me (as far as motivational posters go).

However, the photo is not for use unless you get her permission. The picture has been downsized so, if you want to see the original picture (and other motivational pictures or Hakuouki wallpapers she made), just click the picture which will lead you to her site.

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