Junjou Romantica Season 1

April 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Erm… Due to multiply unexpected turn of events… Or rather, due to one unexpected turn that contained more than enough reason for me to try watching BL/Yaoi/Shounen-Ai, I ended up watching this anime to give me a feel of BL anime.

It took me… two nights to finish this anime because I just couldn’t bare watching this during the day time with numerous members of my family coming in and out of my room.

I’m sounding quite paranoid but then, I did not bloody expect this to be quite so… erm, visual. I know it’s nothing compared to the other anime like O.o Ai no Kusabi–my friend made me watch episode one of the new one and I was paralysed on my bed when all of a sudden, my uncle walked in. 😐

The laptop was immediately closed and I bet my uncle thought I was watching porn or something… >.> Which isn’t quite a far cry from the reality.

While watching this anime, I was hiding underneath my blanket and shoving a pillow in my mouth to keep myself from bursting out stuff like, “God dammit, just kiss him!” or “OMG. I didn’t think he would be the UKE!” in the middle of the quiet night. *sigh*

The opening video blew me away because well… I didn’t expect it to be… pink. I mean, I get it’s shoujo but… oh, well… goes to show I still have a lot more to learn about BL anime.

The series caught me by surprise because it was actually cool. I didn’t expect BL anime to be erm, cool or anything. *damned the sheltered childhood*

Though, I feel somewhat irritated. I mean, if I knew the series was this good years ago when it was first released, I wouldn’t have had hunted down the ends of the world wide web for good quality torrents of it. 😐

Coincidentally, my Dad gave me a bear that bloody resembles Usami’s Suzuki-san! So, it didn’t take me long to name the bear Suzuki-san! πŸ˜€ But mine’s just pink. I’m thinking of dying it blonde.

In the end, I’ve re-watched it three times. And because it was in AVI format, I got to change it to the mp4 format so that I could play it on my PSP. XD

I’m downloading the second season and I hope it would finish soon since I can’t wait to see what happens next. πŸ˜›

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§ 2 Responses to Junjou Romantica Season 1

  • yukana says:

    I was laughing all the way when I read the 2nd paragraph.

    That series took me quite some time to finish too cause I need to make sure that I was alone. Awkward moments are hard to deal with. =P

    Pity that its pink. I’d prefer a brown bear.

    • Vani Jane says:

      Hehe… I agree. That’s why I watched it during the night. XD Though, I did end up watching Season 2 on my PSP with headphones ‘coz that way, there would be NO WAY anyone would catch me. =))

      Yeah, it’s pink and I asked my dad if I could dye it blonde and he just stared at me–so, I guess that’s a no. Lol. I’m stuck with a pink Suzuki-san. O.o

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