Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru Episode 2

April 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yey! Finally, the second episode is out! Yay to Yuurisan Subs for doing this anime even if crunchyroll’s already doing it. (But really, I prefer to watch Yuurisan’s than crunchyroll…)!

In this episode, we get to finally see Takahiro Giou! Ehehe~ When I was reading the manga, I already could imagine Takehito Koyasu doing his voice and now that I finally see (hear) it, I do say, it really fits his character!

Oh, and the first scenes of this episode also shocked me outta my bed (since I’m watching in my room)–Zess and female Yuki in such a… position. You know, despite the blood and the painful looking thorns, it’s so beautifully passionate! (No, I’m not an M. :P) And Zess shows his fangs again~ I dunno about others, but I really like his fangs! *swoon*

We also get to see Yuki finally use his powers! Well, they were all accidentally used but I really like those scenes where the main character accidentally uses his or her power and hurts the people he loves and cares. It just makes me laugh for some reason.

Also, the siblings, Tsukumo and Touko have more screen time than the previous episode. And seriously, since I only read up to volume 2, chapter 11 of the manga, I have no friggin’ idea if these two are incestuous or not. I mean, they’re just so close… too close.

May be it’s just me (A big fan of fictional incest) but that’s quite incestuous in the anime world. And they look good together–they look so cute!

These two can kick butt and Touko keeps surprising me. In the manga, I was speed reading and didn’t really mind but now that I can’t do speed watching on the anime, I’m really minding the big fucking sword she’s using. It’s bloody huge. Yet it actually works on her. Lol. I wonder if the sword weighs as heavy as big as it looks. 😛

Tsukumo eats a lot of snacks, is he like, a glutton? Lol. But the pretzel he ate in this episode was really a nice scene! *swoon* So, he uses a gun. He has light coloured hair. Zero Kiryuu, anyone? 😛

But when these two posed after saving Yuki, the words “Zombie Loan” was screeching in my head.

Shito (gun) = Tsukumo (gun)
Chika (sword) = Touko (sword)

Though… Chika has a smaller sword compared to Touko (as I said, BFS!).

I swear… Yuki doesn’t realize he’s turning gay. While running under the rain, he keeps on thinking of Zess, going like, “I want to see him again!”. Yes, we all know Yuki was once female, but he doesn’t know that. Hahaha… Then after this delicious rain scene, he asks for Zess’ name and asks if he could see him (Zess) again.

Well, Zess doesn’t mind Yuki being biologically male since he knows Yuki was once female but really… could Yuki act like a normal teenage guy (as he said so himself) and yell in the middle of the street? But meh, this ain’t really a comedy anime so the possibility of that is quite slim. (And I’ve been re-watching Junjou Romantica too much… :P)

Too bad we don’t get to see Zess in fighting action since he was carrying Yuki like a princess. I’m so excited for the next episode ‘coz there’s gonna be action, finally! We’ll get to see Zess in action! Whoot~ I also hope they included the funny parts with Zess and Takahiro and Zess and Touko. XD

And I really~~~~~ wanna see Sodom! That cute black fluff ball hanging around Yuki all the time! I can’t wait to see it! Kyaa~

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