Angel Beats! Episode 5

May 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

First off all, I so much want to point out that I thank God Mazui is fast. This past week, I’d’ve been waiting for the other episodes of the other anime I’m watching to come out at Animesuki. >.>

Anyway, going back to the anime… This episode is one of the best episodes so far in the series with a good mixture of comedy (that never gets erased, I believe), drama and story depth–both humorous and not.Too bad though, in this episode we don’t get to see most of the characters aside from Otonashi, Yuri, Hinata, Takamatsu, Ooyama and “Christ”. I prefer calling him “Christ” ‘coz it’s shorter and easier to remember. 😛

The OP has reverted back to the slow one and for some reason, I like it better than the rock-ish one plus, Tenshi looks cool doing the piano.

The episode centre’s on what Yuri calls the “Angel Assault”, which looks nothing like the picture Otonashi imagined above. It, in fact, is just a fancy name for exams (in Yuri’s case, I guess.).

The mission Yuri has in mind is to “switch” Tenshi’s paper with another paper that is full of STUPID, I must repeat myself, STUPID answers.

Otonashi’s thoughts: Answering the question, “What is the resulting amperage when applying 3.0V to a conductor with 20Q resistance” with “I want to be a train company director” is just…

However, in the most comical ways, they manage to complete this mission. The “comical ways” have A LOT to do with propulsion engines, replays and stupidity–and in the case of Ooyama, his emotional health (poor guy).

Of course, in this episode (since they are switching papers with Tenshi), they (and we) get to know Tenshi’s real name which is, “Tachibana, Kanade” thanks to Otonashi’s er… clever thinking (???).

After the examinations, Tenshi–Kanade–is fired from her position as the Student Council President and is replaced by that Vice President guy we saw in the last episode. I forgot his name. >.> Then the SSS launch Operation Tornado that same night with the “new” GirlsDeMo performing a new song called “Thousand Enemies” which was a song written by Iwasawa before she disappeared.

Personal note, the song isn’t quite as catchy as the previous three songs and I preferred Iwasawa’s voice than Yui’s. I don’t think her singing voice fits her character design and personality, too. (Yeah, still bitter that Iwasawa disappeared >.>)

Unexpectedly to the SSS’s, the Operation goes on perfectly with no troubles from Tenshi despite showing herself. Tenshi didn’t fight back, she just went in the gymnasium, bought a lunch ticket then placed herself amongst the crowd and waited until the “tornado” appeared.

When the tickets were flying, we see her try to grab one with a sad expression on her face but doesn’t get one.

The following day, we see that Otonashi was the one who got Tenshi’s lunch ticket yet he didn’t know that until Yuri pointed it out.

While eating, Yuri had been thinking that may be the reason why Tenshi had been against them was because she was the Student Council President and to stop the SSS’s antics, she (Tenshi) had to come up her Guard Skill and other weaponry–this thought of course, pisses Yuri off because that meant that they wouldn’t know more about “God”.

Otonashi raises a question if now that Tenshi was a normal student, would she become one of the SSS. However, Fujimaki hears him and causes an uproar and was supported by the other members of SSS (yeah, those unnamed members that probably will be killed off in the end–I, at least, hope they do since they’re idiots).

At the end of the episode (after the ED song but before the PVs), we see the “new” Student Council surround the entire SSS members and are being told off by the “new” Student Council President that they will be carted away to somewhere due to the reports of them doing something after curfew hours. And the SSS can’t do anything about it because the Student Council was made up of NPCs.

So, all in all, this episode is practically yelling, “TENSHI AIN’T BAD!!!”–which we kinda figured out in the previous episodes (or at least, I did.). In this episode, she clearly was kind to Otonashi during the exam period and even showing concern on him being “nervous”, despite her knowing that Otonashi was part of SSS and had shot her during the first episode and tried to shoot her on the second.

I really like this episode, since we finally get to know more about Tenshi rather than the other characters. I think that Tenshi’s the smartest one amongst the humans stuck there and the most lonely one, too. In this episode, you would really want to hug Tenshi when she was fired from her position and tried to get a lunch ticket during Operation Tornado–she’s just adorable. >.<

I’m starting to like this anime more and more due to the development and I really can’t wait to see what happens next–and based on the PV, it seems Yuri’s realized that Tenshi’s role was important–and well, duh, if they hadn’t made Tenshi fall down to being a normal student, they wouldn’t be in trouble with the “new” President. >.>

And I’m wondering if I’m going to be shipping in Otonashi with Tenshi in the future. Lol. So much for BL shipping Otonashi and Hinata. XD BTW, Hinata has a REALLY cool scene in this episode! XD

Oh, and we’re nearly half-way through the series! Sounds kinda sad yet kinda exciting. I wanna see how it ends and the future character developments! :3


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  • D-Squall says:

    Hi vani, long time huh. Why dind’t you came to the forum.
    The band you like, Versallis will be here in Brazil in July 4.
    I won’t be able to go cause Im not rich and it’s not in my town.
    I just want to let you know. XD Will you ever come back again to Aldorlea Forum?

    • Vani Jane says:

      Hi, Squall! ^__^
      Ohh, Versailles at Brazil?! I wanna see that, but I can’t. Aw… Lol. That’s ok, tho. I’ll watch it on youtube. 😀
      I’ve been busy lately, so I’m really sorry ’bout not being at the forums a lot. I want to but I can’t find time to and my connection’s been slow like a snail. 😦
      I’ll certainly get back to the forums after I have more time… And I was looking forward to talking with everybody for my summer. *sigh* My summer’s full of work. 😦

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