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FIRST OFF, before anything else, this is my current desktop. I just want to show it for some reason. >.>

It’s not really like that… I just edited it to make it look like that ‘coz really, that’s a very PG wallpaper and I don’t know how many underaged kids venture forth here–myself included since I’m still just 17 (But I’ll be legal in six months!!).

So, I have no idea where those two guys are from but they look hot, so it sticks on the desktop. 😀

And last week, my desktop looked like a mac but I got bored of the grays, I turned it to look like Windows 7. Then I couldn’t stand NOT having the dock, so now, it looks like a cross of Mac and 7 and well, XP.

The icons on the dock are awesome and yeah, they are all anime. 😀 I’m thinking of making my own and go for theme Yaoi. I just recently got into Yaoi, so ignore my fangirliness over guy-on-guy action.

Credits to all original owners since I just downloaded them off the web. Deviantart, google and such…

SO ANYWAY, so I haven’t ranted about the anime I’ve been watching lately and that’s mostly because I’ve been watching old anime. And by “old” I mean the ones that finished airing (Yeah, that means I consider Dance in the Vampire Bund old).

However, I’ve *really* been watching old anime. No, not Dragon Ball or Fushigi Yuugi. Not that old. I’ve been watching Kyou Kara Maoh, Gakuen Heaven, Black Blood Brothers and Hayate no Gotoku–okay, I just started with Hayate no Gotoku like, this morning.

Another reason why I’ve been gone is because I’ve been busy the past few days. My best best best friend slash health sister (as in, she looks after my health since I’m such couch potato, I don’t really care about my health, I just watch anime, read manga and play games and stuff) has returned from her short trip to Bohol or rather, Cebu then er, she went back to Manila for a day only to come back here for like, four hours and go to Medina for a few days then to come back here. >.> She’s one busy girl.

Anyway, with her back, my schedule was given a major revamp with her starring almost every other day and when I don’t have a schedule to meet with her, I have a schedule to babysit my cousins who came all the way here from Rosario. Jesus. I’m not a bionic woman, andriod or whatever. I am human. >.> I haven’t been home for like, five days since wherever I go, I’m told to sleep over for the night.

And a few days ago, I didn’t even get some sleep for like, two days. When I *finally* got home, I slept like a baby. I even forgot to eat. God.

EHEM~ Back to anime, manga and whatnot. So, the spring 2010 anime that I’ve been watching…

Angel Beats!
->Well, I was er… surprised. Though, I did expect Naoi to be human–that was obvious the moment he appeared in the baseball episode. He stood out while all the NPCs don’t. I was just surprised he could do hypnotism and him beating the NPCs around. He’s cool, though. I like him. In the end of episode six, I just DIDN’T EXPECT THAT. Otonashi heading straight for Hinata then he’s embracing Naoi. Yaoi. Yaoi. Yaoi. Yes, there’s no other way to explain it. It’s Yaoi! XD

Then in episode seven, everything looks so fine and well and very peaceful. Yuri just ruins it with her facial expression. Sorry, but I’m starting to dislike Yuri. And yey! We finally get to see Otonashi’s past and man, why the hell did he have to cut his hair? That was a (my) perfect bishounen over there! The red hair, slash over the eyes, the mysterious aura, the I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-the-world-it’s-boring-though-only-one-person-makes-me-live chara! But why~ Why~ Why did he have to cut off his hair?! >.>

Ehem. So, I’m going to ship Otonashi with Hinata, Naoi and Tenshi. Lol. The last scene in episode 7 is quite shocking, really. Two Tenshi’s. Amazing. I can’t wait for this Saturday for the next episode and for once, I’m thanking my busy schedule ‘coz I won’t sense how long the days are.

–>Okay, I’m picky. I will only watch from Kesenai Subs, period. I didn’t like the episode three which I downloaded from another subbing group, so I’m sticking with Kesenai. However, Kesenai hasn’t been updating and so, I can’t really much say anything about this anime. >.>

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
–>Finally, action! And even though I’ve read the manga, I wasn’t sure who that other mage or whatever is, Reiga, I think. Now that I’ve watched the anime with my seiyuu obsessed ears, I know it’s Ishida Akira’s character. I knew there was something wrong with him since he carries that book wherever he goes. Lol. I’m still wondering about Takashiro, the last chapter I read in the manga was with him doing a mysterious dialogue. 😛

–>Yehp, I’ve started watching this and I love it! One, because Jun Fukuyama, Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi are in it and two, ‘coz it’s funny and I needed a break from drama since I’ve got too much of it in real life. This anime really made me laugh my arse off to kingdom come though, nothing can beat episode 5 of Angel Beats! XD

And I really like this ‘coz well, it has a loli. O.O Yes, I am a lolicon. No, I’m not a pervert. I just like cute child-like characters! XD (Yehp, my current favourite being Mina Tepes from Vampire Bund ‘coz she’s not your ordinary loli.).

–>Only watching from Yuurisan-Subs HD version, so I’m a little back from the majority. Just one thing though, Kobato’s voice annoys me like heck but it’s quite interesting and I need it as a stress reliever to gain more pointless stress due to her annoyingly sugar coated voice.

–>Yes, I’m watching it. Shinsen-Subs and Yuurisan-Subs are well, taking their time with this. I’ve seen four episodes so far and I’m liking it. Though, I only started watching this ‘coz well, the art is cool and some people say there’s Yaoi. I hope there is, though!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
–>Okay, yeah, I keep on forgetting about this one since I’m more focused on Angel Beats, Working!! and UraBoku… But it’s funny, haven’t even finished episode 6 yet since when I was laughing my arse off, my best friend carted me off my bed and into her car where I was forced to play badminton with her. >.>

And I’m still busy. But later, I will post Angel Beats’ new OST and Working!! for the heck of it and some other stuff, I guess.

Personal life is taking a great toll on me and not just because of my friends. My Mom hasn’t called for a week, but I’m not blaming her since it’s been tough on her the past three months. Dad’s being well… a loser, as always. My friends are taking over my life, but I don’t mind since we don’t get to see each other everyday or whenever we want to anymore (But no, really, we can, we’re just lazy to buy a plane ticket and fly over for a weekend) and my cousins are being little devils–I’ve been playing Tekken 6 on the PSP with them non-stop that my fingers have gone flat. 😦

I’ve been used as a kicking bag for my cousin’s taek won do… as a secretary for my best friend… as a slave for my best friend’s cousin who’s also my best friend… as a mediator for two my other best friends… as a nanny for my cousins… as a plaything for my cousins… and many more. But I’m not complaining ‘coz I haven’t had this much fun in months!

May be I’m a masochist or something, IDK. I just like spending time with people rather than being on the computer all day. To quote my best friend (and financer), “Vani, you need a life out of the internet. You’re going crazy.” –> And she’s the one who’s always online. 😐

So, I’m gonna head out now. I’m going to the cemetery for my Grandma’s 2nd Death Anniversary. Ciao~

And one more thing before I leave…


*Leo from Tekken 6

Why did I only know that now? 😐



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