Kuroshitsuji Season 2 Episode 1

July 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

When I woke up this morning, I hadn’t realized it was already July and every morning, I wake up staring at a bloody huge calendar my father got me. 😐 I only realized it was July when I logged on to facebook and saw the birthday updates.

But at least I got to download Kuroshitsuji II! Though, I was only able to watch it after eating lunch because I *had* to eat lunch with the rest of the family. I ate lunch really fast ‘coz Kuro-2 was waiting on my laptop!

When I first heard of Kuro-2 many months ago, I was so excited but when I read somewhere in the net that Sebastian or Ciel wouldn’t be in it, I was dismayed for quite sometime. But eventually, I decided to still watch it–mostly because we have Takahiro Sakurai and Nana Mizuki in the cast. ^_^

Now, what do I have to say for episode one?

First thing that comes to mind is Aloise Trancy. In the PV, I thought he looked like a usually cheerful boy who, because he was abducted, became lonely and scared and lost–and well, after seeing what the heck he did to Hanna, I take back all the good things I thought of him! He’s mad. But for some reason, I’m still drawn to his character.

Next would be Claude Faustus, he’s… well, he tap dances. That’s one thing I haven’t seen Sebby did. Oh, and he uses gold utensils. Sebby uses silver. And Claude is a spider. Er… Okay, so I don’t have much to say about Claude because well, he’s practically almost the same as (so far) Sebastian though, he’s really quiet and he doesn’t smile and he tolerate’s Aloise’ personality.

The maid, Hanna, pity the girl. She’s not cheerful or ditsy as Meirin but she is miserable. She gets pushed around by Aloise A LOT. The triplets whose names I don’t know, seem to be mute, and I can’t say anything much about them, either.

I also find the first part of the episode heck strange with Claude as a spider was lying on Aloise’ tongue. 😐 But I do like the yellow/gold mark on Aloise’ tongue. ^^

And then finally~ the biggest shock for me during the entire episode. The black visitor.

When I saw him, I was jumping like a… jumping thing. When he was left alone with Aloise in the guest room, he smirks during the conversation and I began rolling around while jumping. Ehem. So, the black visitor carries around with him a HUGE suitcase.

Aloise wants to see what’s inside but the visitor tells him if only Aloise shows him something in the basement. But I already had a gut feeling that it would be Ciel’s body. I just knew it.

Then when finally, the suitcase was opened while Sebastian was escaping–we find Ciel Phantomhive! He’s ALIVE! WHOOT.

Ehem. Another cool moment (for me) in this episode is when Sebastian ran away with the suitcase and Claude and Aloise were alone in the mansion.

It looks a lot like yaoi to me, folks. And if you saw the opening sequence, I see yaoi in it. But may be that’s just me. 😐 And I simply love the fact that GazettE is doing the OP.

The ending sequence was nice, too. It has Ciel and Sebastian’s hand! Lol. Oh, and butterflies. 😀

After the ED, we see a scene where Sebastian takes Ciel out of the suitcase and holds Ciel like a doll (Rozen Maiden much). He sets Ciel down then places on the Phantomhive ring, Sebastian gives his signature smile and goes, “It’s time to awaken, Young Master.”

Then we go to the previews where Ciel is shown alive and kicking with Meirin, Finny, Bard and even Elizabeth! Oh, and of course, Sebastian is present! Whoot! I can’t wait for next week’s episode! >///<

Ah, wait. I forgot about Viscount Druitt. When I saw him (since he’s the first recurring character from season one to appear), my jaw dropped. I had read somewhere on the net that the timeline for this season was many years after season one or something like that that said that there could be no recurring characters unless they weren’t human.

Anyway, Viscount Druitt made me hope that Sebastian would appear–and he did then I hoped Ciel would appear since Sebastian appeared, and Ciel did appear. 😛 Viscount Druitt’s gotten worse–now, he’s not forgiving God. 😛 Oh, well, he’s a comic-relief character but I like him! He looks very much like Yuu from Glamorous Lip (manga)!

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