Kuroshitsuji II Episode 2-3

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, here is my not-so detailed reaction to Episodes 2-3. Late, yehp. But it’s because episode 2-3 is seriously doesn’t feel like Kuroshitsuji material at all. The first episode is so far, the best episode in the series. Seriously.

Episode 2

Two words: BORING CRAP.

I seriously never thought I’d have to say those words about Kuroshitsuji but I can’t help myself. Episode two was a useless filler (as all fillers are supposed to be of). But I’m confused whether it’s flashback episode or not. I believe it is so because near at the end of the episode, Ciel and Lizzy have this kind of conversation:

Ciel: “Lizzy…”

Elizabeth: “Finally, you called me that.”

And from Season 1, we know that Ciel calls Elizabeth, “Lizzy”. Therefore, I will assume it’s a flashback episode. And that killed my excitement in having Lau and Ran Mao alive. I love those two and I want to see them in the future episodes. ๐Ÿ˜

The only redeeming part of this episode is the new OP. It’s heck awesome. Other good but useless parts: Sebastian’s deer head scene, Sebastian’s lunch preparations, Sebastian milking a cow and Tanaka cutting Sebastian off. ๐Ÿ˜› Ho ho ho.

Episode 3

Exciting and finally, we find out more about what the crap is going on with Ciel. And more confusing stuff.

Firstly, the highlights of this episode:

Undertaker is back and is as lovably weird as ever. Grell is back! Yey! And since he has the red-coat on, this episode is present-day. So, Madam Red is dead. But Ciel tells Sebastian at the beginning of the episode before setting out to London to not tell Madam Red of his business in London.

Ciel clearly lost his noggin’ memories. And I suspect Sebastian’s at fault for it. Lol.

Weird and confusing ย stuff in this episode:

THAT IS ABERLAIN! I don’t give a crap on how to spell his name but THAT’S HIM! Okay, no it’s not really him. I don’t have a bloody clue but he bloody well looks like an older and what’s the word? Scruffy? Scruffier Aberlain. Though, it can’t be ‘coz we all saw him being slashed dead by Lau during Season 1.

Oh, and Randall’s as useless as ever. Though, it looks as if he doesn’t remember trying to arrest Ciel a few months past or whatever happened at the last episodes of Season 1.

Okay, it’s official. Lau and Ran Mao are alive. Yey!

The weird part is NOT why they’re alive but why they’re in good terms with Ciel despite Lau’s betrayal during Season 1. If I’m to base from Ciel’s personality, Lau’d be dead for betraying Ciel. ๐Ÿ˜

Them surviving is not a big mystery to me. When characters (in anime) fall into water and everyone believes they’re dead, they’re not. It’s like, a [n anime] rule that anyone who falls into water lives.

NOW, since he’s wearing the same green clothes, I’ll assume NOW that episode 2 wasn’t a flashback and I’ll assume that it’s following the right ‘timeline’ of the series. It explains nothing, really, but it connects on how Lau’s alive. I think. Okay, it’s confusing me. ‘Coz then it doesn’t explain why it seems that Lizzy has also lost her memories of Ciel calling her “Lizzy” when Ciel’s been calling her that since Season 1!


I still find it strange that we finally get to see how Sebastian makes Undertaker laugh. Because from what I understand in Season 1, Sebastian seems to be embarrassed when he has to make Undertaker laugh. So, why the hell is he showing it to Ciel (and to the general public)? I dunno, just seems off to me. As if, they’re just putting it to kill time.


It’s bloody cute and all but Sebastian has to have more pride than that, doesn’t he? I know he’s practically in love with cats, but I don’t think that out in the open, he’d lose it. I get it, it’s a service scene but seriously… It annoys the crap outta me.

Okay, so about Episode 3…

Well, as I stated, it’s a better episode than the last. It’s confusing. It’s… bloody confusing.

But we get that Ciel’s lost his memories.

We see that Lau hasn’t changed and is alive. (Ran Mao, too.)

Grell has his chainsaws of death back–but even after seeing Ciel and seeing that the young lad doesn’t seem to have a recollection of his existence, he’s not pushing anything?! May be it’s just me, but I really thought Grell would push on the subject. Instead, he just fawned over Sebastian–nothing wrong there. It’s just… he just stood there and didn’t ask about it or even make a stray comment about it that would earn him a slap from Sebastian.

And mangosteen will forever remind me of Grell. >.< He’s just too lovable in this episode!

So, there goes my late rants for Episodes 2-3. Seriously. I think we need the Kuroshitsuji Season 1 feel for the episodes. It’s just not… dark enough. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And because I seriously need to get some shut eye, I’ll stop here. Ranting on Episode 4 tomorrow. >.>


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