Love IS Stupid III

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“Love IS Stupid”

Chapter Three: …There’s A Price To Pay!

Rey closed his eyes in deep thought. But he would end up with Meyrin’s face plastered on his head. Then memories of her smiles, her laughs, her cute pouts and more! He tried to snap out of it at first, but got caught up in his thoughts.

Then his eyes shot open and his head shot up when he heard Meyrin yell. Panic surged within him, making him stand up and run to her, to Meyrin.

Meyrin, he thought with fear of something rally bad happening to her. It wasn’t Luna in his mind, it was the other bubbly red-head he thought of as a sister.

“Ahhh!!!” Meyrin yelled as she shut her eyes tight.

“Meyrin, it was nothing!” Luna told her in that older sister voice “There wasn’t a thing! Understood?!”

And that’s when Rey arrived with a terrified look. “What happened? I heard a yell and all”

“Oh, Meyrin claims she saw a worm” Stellar told Rey, making him sigh in relief that it was just a worm and nothing else. Then she faced Meyrin “If it was a worm, it’s gone. Besides, it’s heaps smaller than you, you can just smack it away with your hand or kick it away with your foot”

“But that’s gross!” Meyrin replied with teary eyes “And I know what I saw! It was a stupid fat red worm! It was half a foot long, I tell you! And it was swimming over there! I’m not going into the water! It’s too gross!”

“It was only a worm” Shinn added “It won’t kill you. Besides, we’re playing volley ball now. The water is like a few meters away. Only crabs here and no worms”

“It’ll be alright, Mey” Rey assured her “You won’t have to go in the water if there are worms. You’ll just sit on the sand eating the fish Shinn made”

“And I won’t” Meyrin said in a that’s-it voice “Never again will I run to the salty seas!”

“Oh, cut it off” Luna laughed and threw the ball at her “Let’s play ball!”

“Sure!” Meyrin smiled again and it gave a warm feeling in Rey’s chest. Meyrin faced Rey with a smile “Wanna join, Rey? You’ll be teaming with us”

“Okay” Rey nodded and played along with Meyrin and Luna against Shinn and Stellar.

Athrun and Cagalli were enjoying a small but cheery lunch together. Athrun ordered more food from the restaurant and drinks. Then he and Cagalli ate his sandwiches as they waited for the food.

“Let’s take a walk” Cagalli told him “I wanna get all this energy out—by the time we get back, I’d be snoozing in my room!”

“Do that and Aunty will be more than happy to have you always” Athrun joked “She’d be happy that on of her customers are quiet”

Cagalli laughed “You and Kira aren’t?”

“Recently… No” Athrun answered honestly “Why don’t we go take that walk?”

“Sure” Cagalli got up from her seat and out the small cottage. Then she walked side by side with Athrun.

“Say,” She said as she faced the ocean “Can we take a swim?”

“What?” Athrun asked in shock. He hadn’t planned a swim! He was going to die!

“I have three pairs of swim suits in th car” Cagalli told him showing him three fingers “One way of getting rid of the energy. Please?” She batted her eyelashes like how she always did when she wanted extra allowance from her older relatives.

Athrun tried not to give in, he really did. He tried ignoring her pout and her batting lashes, but she just looked so freaking adorable that he could NOT say no. It was the end of him when he said “Alright. Let’s get back to the car”

“Yey!” Cagalli cheered “Athrun, you’re the best! I’ll race you to the car!”

“Fine, fine” Athrun saw her dart off to the car and realized what she said, that he said “Cagalli, wait! If you’re going to trip—someone might see your—”

Too late. She already did. He had seen. He could die in peace now.

It was silk black, and he so felt blood rush to his head. Yup, he could die any moment now and not regret it. Kinky, he thought and felt the juices stirring. Then the next thought was if her bra was a pair to the panties.

Athrun felt like slapping himself for thinking that! He would’ve if he wasn’t a gentleman—okay, if his gentleman side didn’t surface. He quickly went to her side, forgetting about the silk panties and the bra stuff and helped her up.

“You ok?” He asked her worriedly as she dusted the sand off her skirt and shirt.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine” Cagalli muttered then faced him “I won’t die!”

But I would, Athrun thought, from seeing your black underwear.

He noticed some sand on the side of her skirt and in instinct—or whatever you call it—he dusted it off. “There’s some sand here”

“Oh, thanks” Cagalli replied casually.

Then Athrun noticed where his hand was touching and almost feeling, he quickly pulled his hand away and apologized.

“For what?”

“Uh… Never mind” Boy, was this girl too naïve or that she just didn’t have shame? Athrun will never know… Unless he gets close to her, if ever that would happen.

Then they continued to walk to the car. Once they got there, Cagalli got one of her swim suits and went to change. Athrun offered to carry her towel while she was changing, and while she was, he was sniffling the damn thing like a dog.

When Cagalli was out, he felt like he was in heaven. Cagalli in a two-piece swimsuit was a sight to behold. It was a new side of her that he came to love so quickly. She got the towel from him and wrapped it around herself.

“Too bad you don’t have a swim attire, Ath” She told him as they walked back to the beach. “We could’ve swam together”

Skinny dipping was the thing that came to his mind after she said that. But to hell with those thoughts, she was 16 and he was still turning 18. She was still a minor!

She ran to the water, tossing away her towel in the process, and splashed around like a kid. Athrun caught her towel in time before it landed on the water and to his luck, his shoes were wet—a great time not to wear the waterproof ones.

“Cagalli, I don’t think you should stray that far” He told her in a worried voice. Sure, she was a good swimmer—she can out race Kira, for goodness graciousness! But that tingling feeling of worry would always remain, even if she was the best swimmer in all of the world. He still would worry.

“Don’t be a joy killer, Athrun” She laughed that laugh that made him feel like sinking into the sand. Yeah, he was obsessed with her. “May be you should stop hanging out with my brother—you’re taking after him. You used to be so much fun”

Athrun’s jaw fell on that. She’s telling him that he’s no fun when it was her that always looked for him when she wanted fun. Hell, she changed a lot. Athrun concluded it had something to with Lacus or Miriallia. Though, the Heavens know how plain and quiet those two are.

Meanwhile, Stellar was being chased by Shinn. They were playing a new game now, and it seems that Shinn was it and Stellar was running for her life. Luna, Meyrin and Rey were hiding along the way, but it was Stellar whom Shinn saw first and wanted to tag.

Stellar found the volleyball they used to play a while ago and, even if she was bad at soccer, aimed the ball at Shinn and kicked with all her might. But for Shinn, who was a star soccer player, evaded the plastic inflatable ball by a few inches. The ball flew high and away making Meyrin, Rey and Luna emerge out of their hide-outs.

“The ball!” Luna and Meyrin gasped as they started to chase after it.

“Hey! Come back here!” Shinn called out to th girls as they began to run towards the flying ball. Rey began to laugh at him and he glared at Rey. “I’ll make you pay for laughing!”

And with that, Shinn ran towards Rey. Rey ran away from Shinn and followed the girls with Shinn tailing him like a lion on a deer.

The ever innocent ball flew to the water and made the girls stop at the shorelines thanks to Meyrin and her fear of the worms in the water.

“Alright, that’s too much! I don’t care if we spent money on that damn ball, but I’m not getting in that water!” Meyrin told the girls.

“Then I’ll go” Stellar said and shrugged her shoulders “it was my fault we got into this mess of chasing the ball—I just have a powerful kick!” She winked.

“Well, I’ll race you” Luna offered the challenge “We’ll both get the ball. Who wins, gets shopping money”

“That’s what I’m taking about! Meyrin, do the start up”

“Sure! On your marks, ready, set—”

But before Meyrin could finish, she squealed in a low voice. Luna and Stellar looked at her and saw where she was looking at—Athrun. They saw Athrun and waved, he waved back casually and jogged towards them.

“What’re you girls doing here?” Athrun asked them.

“A little relaxation” Meyrin answered first before the other two could.

“How about you? You’re not the type to go to the beach four hours off the city without an invite” Stellar added, not minding Meyrin’s not-so strange behavior.

“Hate to say it, she’s right” Luna agreed “So, what brings you here?”

“My answer would be her” Athrun replied, pointing at the ocean. The three girls raised a confused eyebrow at him which he didn’t bother to reply as his answer came to the shores.

“Hey, is this your ball?” Cagalli asked as she got out of the water, unnoticed by the three girls. The three girls turned their heads and saw Cagalli walking towards them with the ball.

“Ca-Cagalli!” Stellar’s eyes beamed up as she saw Cagalli and embraced her. “It’s been what, three years?! How have you been doing?! And in a two-piece bathing suit?! Three years did wonders to you! Last time I was with you, you blew up Aunt Via’s beautiful gnome with those explosives! Always the rebel!”

“Yes, well, three years was long enough staying with Lacus and Miriallia 24/7” Cagalli replied as she and Stellar pulled out from the hug “Little did I know, they’ve been sneaking clothes in my closet and stuff. But it’s okay, Mom was really happy”

“I bet she was!” Stellar brought Cagalli to met Luna and Meyrin who were currently beside Athrun “Cags, this is Lunamaria and Meyrin Hawke. Their sisters. Luna, Mey, this is Shinn’s adorable younger cousin, Cagalli Yamato”

“Wow! We were just talking about you not too long ago” Luna said as she shook hands with Cagalli “Well, Shinn did most of the talking anyway”

“Uh-huh” Meyrin nodded “Nice to meet cha, Cagalli. Shinn’s been telling us… stories about you”

“I bet he has exaggerated a lot, too” Cagalli laughed and then faced Athrun. “Athrun, can I have my towel?”

“Uh, yeah, sure” Athrun gave her the towel and she covered herself in it. And at that moment, Shinn and Rey arrived with fits of laughter.

“Hey, there’s Zala!” Shinn told Rey and pointed Athrun. He didn’t noticed the other girl with them, so he and Rey approached Athrun.

“What’re you doing here, Athrun?” Rey asked. Rey looked up to Athrun, he was one of the guys that got his interest. And lucky to him, they were both friends thanks to Shinn.

“Yeah, can’t be with Kira—Heaven knows how that guy can sleep like a sloth” Shinn commented “But Cagalli’s just as worse, don’t you think, Ath? I mean, she’d sleep basically the whole day!”

“I’m sure you’re an early bird, Shinn” Cagalli said, surprising Shinn and Rey. She also made the girls and Athrun laugh. “Nice to see you again, cousin! I see that you haven’t changed one bit”

“Cag-Cagalli!” Shinn stuttered as he felt like his summer vacation turned to hell. He didn’t want his cousin to be here. He didn’t want Cagalli to take Stellar’s attention away like always! They were best friends for heaven’s sake and he was just a boyfriend. “What-What’re you doing here?”

“I’m staying” And with that sentence, Shinn felt like his blood drained, his pulse stopping. He was doomed for the rest of the couple of years of high school. “And I’m living in with Kira and Athrun!”

“What year are you in, Cagalli?” Meyrin asked.

“I’m turning second” With that answer, Meyrin grinned.

“We’re pretty much classmates now, then! I’m turning second too! We should hang out sometime!”

That for Shinn was a good thing. If Meyrin got close to Cagalli, Cagalli won’t steal Stellar’s attention away. That was a good thing for Rey as well. He could get his thoughts straight. Everytime he would go out with Luna, Meyrin wouldn’t be tagging along since she’d be busy with Cagalli—but was that what he really wanted?

They went back to their cottage with Athrun and Cagalli joining them. And when Cagall took off her towel, Shinn just couldn’t help but let his mouth hang open. Cagalli did some drastic changes over the couple of years since he’d last saw her.

“I wonder what hell Lacus and Miriallia went through to get you to wear that” Shinn commented and placed the fish he fried in front of Cagalli, urging her to taste his masterpiece.

“I went through the hell, thank you very much” Cagalli told him and stared at his fish oddly “I’d be happy to know that you didn’t put poison in this, right—no, make that, I would be happy to know you didn’t cook this… this… fish. I’d rather die. Plus, Miriallia said it’s not good to eat grilled dishes, they can cause cancer”

“Since when did you care for cancer?” Athrun asked as he drank a bottle of SML beer “You used to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner and just eat pizza the whole day”

“Hell with Mir and Lacus is something you can’t forget in a lifetime” Cagalli poked the fish and only ate the meat inside. “Hey, surprisingly, it’s good—we have at least a cook in the family. God knows Kira and I can’t cook”

Shinn snickered with pride “It’s because I learn”

“The caveman way of cooking” Everyone laughed at that, except for Shinn who looked insulted. But hey, he was used to that and now, he ended having a word fight with his cousin.

“So, Athrun, do you have plans on taking any summer lessons this year?” Meyrin asked Athrun with all th courage she could muster up.

“Hmm… Not really” Athrun told her “But, the school is planning on giving advance lessons on Physics next week. If I take that, I won’t have to take the damn subject next year… I’m not sure, Meyrin, but I might. Having Physics off my chest would do me good in my final year”

“You mean it’s that hard?” Meyrin gasped, emphasizing that.

“I’m not sure, but Chemistry sure is”

“It’s got to be really hard since you’re even having a hard time on it!”

Luna and Stellar were caught up listening to Shinn and Cagalli’s bickering that they couldn’t care less for what Meyrin was doing. But for Rey, his ears were pretty alert on Meyrin’s conversation with Athrun.

And for the first time in his wonderful, peaceful and well made life—he hated the man he admired so much. He grew hate for Athrun Zala.

Shinn and Cagalli’s bickering went into a backbiting contest about Kira. The two were arguing one moment and now, they were agreeing on how Kira was a disappointment in the family.

“…And to think you’re living with him” Shinn told Cagalli as she ate his fish. Finally, he thought, she admitted he had skill.

“But at least Athrun’s there!” Cagalli replied as she chewed on the fish meat. And at the mention of his name, Athrun went alert to hearing what Cagalli had to say about him. “He’s not a joy killer like Kira is”

“Uh-huh, that’s pretty much true” Shinn agreed and sipped on his coke.

Cagalli faced Athrun “Say, Athrun, what would you say if I called you big brother from now on?”

Shinn choked on his coke as he began to laugh. Man, was his cousin oblivious to the world around her.

“Big-Big Brother?” Athrun stuttered the words. He wished that the alcohol affected his hearing, since he didn’t want to be her big brother! He wanted to be her… let’s not get into that for now.

“Yeah! You’re a better brother than Kira, I’m sure! And I’ve known you basically my entire life!” Cagalli walked beside Athrun and pointed at him “It’s settled then, you’re my big brother from now on!” Cagalli embraced Athrun tightly making Meyrin feel a tad bit jealous about the closeness they shared. “I’m not calling you Athrun anymore, it’s going to be Big Brother! Got it, Big Brother?” Cagalli grinned innocently at him.

His world came crashing down. He so had wished he died only a few minutes or an hour ago so that he wouldn’t hear this. He saw her underwear, got to spend almost two hours alone with her, got to see her in a two-piece bathing suit. He wished he died then, he really did. In fact, he wished to murder himself now.

Shinn and Stellar began laughing like idiots as the stunned expression on Athrun’s face became visible. The two were very aware of Athrun’s secret crush on Cagalli and knew this was the worst—to be called a brother by your own crush. Wasn’t that a cherry on top of the best day of your life?

“Too stunned to speak, huh?” Cagalli laughed “I knew you’d love it, big brother!”

Athrun felt like choking at the name she used to call him. Big brother… It wasn’t right, it just wasn’t! Was it true that when you had something you want, you would pay a dear price? Was this the price he had to pay? He hoped it would—even if he could only be a brother to her, a fake one, he would do the job well. That meant he won’t give her off to any guy.

He’d have to die first before she could, he promised himself as he sat there frozen like ice. One little tap and he would crack into bits and pieces of shattered ice. Yeah, it was a big price to pay.


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