Kuroshitsuji Meme – I am Grell Phantomhive :P

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Kuroshitsuji Meme (? IDK if this is considered a meme or not) which I grabbed somewhere off the net.

Only characters from Season 1, though. I hope I’ll come across a Season 2 – plus, this one doesn’t have all the characters but oh well… >.>

Feel free to grab if you want to try it out. πŸ™‚

Ciel Phantomhive
[x] – You have experienced quite a bit of sadness in your childhood.
[x] – You are allergic to cats.
[x] – You tend to get very angry when insulted.
[ ] – You are technically a child, but act older than you are.
[x] – You usually seem placid to others, and may come off a bit snobby or rude.
[x] – You enjoy elegance.
[x] – Many people are around you to protect you.
[ ] – You tend to hang around in the shadows more than others, and do your deeds- be they good or bad- from there.
[x] – You have a lot of hatred for others. You might want revenge, too.
[x] – You love someone greatly, and want to protect them.

Sebastian Michaelis
[ ] – You love cats. Dogs are disgusting.
[x] – You are exceptionally loyal to your friendsβ€”or, maybe more so one person than many.
[ ] – You could be described as tall, dark, and handsome.
[ ] – You’re a bit of a loner in a way; the affairs of humans don’t necessarily interest you.
[ ] – You aren’t interested in love or sexuality.
[ ] – People of both sexes tend to flock around you romantically. You just cant get a break, can you?
[ ] – You never lie to that(those) special person(people).
[x] – Failure is not an option in your mind.
[x] – You like things perfect and elegant. No one seems to do it like in the good old days.
[x] – You can put up an excellent faΓ§ade and hide what you truly are, and your thoughts and emotions. You are one hell of a butler, after all.

Grell Sutcliff
[x] – Your favorite color is red.
[x] – You tend to be incredibly flamboyant, cheery, and insane.
[x] – You aren’t really bothered by blood or death. In fact, you might just laugh. You’re probably the cause of it, anyways.
[x] – Whether you’re heterosexual with homosexual tendencies, or homosexual with heterosexual tendencies, no one can really tell.
[x] – You like fashion, poetry, and mainstream cute things.
[x] – You like someone, but they don’t feel the same way, for some reason or another. But that doesn’t get you down! …Often.
[x] – You’re a hopeless romantic!~
[x] – You’re happy with who you are, and won’t change, no matter what anyone says.
[ ] – There’s nothing shameful in cross dressing, as long as you look good!
[ ] – There’s nothing you won’t do for a kiss from your one true love… with tongue. ❀

[ ] – You love dogs so much, you practically are one!
[ ] – You aren’t embarrassed about being naked in front of others, but you do look good in a nice suit!
[ ] – You’re attracted to someone, or multiple someones.
[x] – You’re usually a really great people person, all around.
[ ] – You’re kind of oblivious.
[x] – You have a really big secret, but it doesn’t weigh you down.
[ ] – You tend to be the fanservice in your group.
[x] – You are insane, to sum it up.
[ ] – You tend to bark for no reason.
[x] – You’d love to breathe fire, or you can already.

Elizabeth Middleford
[ ] – You love someone a lot, and are sure they love you back, but you feel hurt because they don’t always show it.
[ ] – You like making everything cute, from your clothes to your mansion!
[x] – You’d do anything to make the person you love happy.
[x] – You tend to worry a lot about people you care about.
[x] – You are almost always upbeat, cheery, happy, hyper, and loving.
[x] – You’re determined to make him smile.
[x] – You like sweet things and cute things.
[ ] – You’re good at your studies.
[X] – You love parties.
[x] – You tend to be the innocent, childish, oblivious one.

Drocell Kains
[ ] – You tend to be used by others, and walked all over.
[ ] – You don’t seem to mind being used.
[ ] – You conform to your crowd, possibly to gain popularity or status.
[ ] – You often could be characterized as the puppet.
[x] – You like dolls.
[x] – You like music boxes.
[x] – You hide your emotions, feelings, and desires for reasons unknown.
[x] – For some unknown reason, you’re very loyal to a specific person, as if they created you.
[ ] – People can describe you as distant and disconnected, even anti social.
[ ] – You don’t make friends easily.

[x] – You don’t like unclean things.
[x] – You have a bit of a split personality.
[x] – You sometimes lie and manipulate in order to get your way.
[ ] – You’re “transsexual”.
[ ] – You could be described as a bitch sometimes.
[ ] – People have no reason to trust you.
[ ] – You have a goal, and won’t stop until you succeed.
[ ] – People are disposable to you.
[x] – You can be angelic.
[ ] – People tend to follow you; you have charisma.

Prince Soma
[x] – You are selfish/childish often, but are really working to improve yourself.
[x] – You can be self-centered or spoiled.
[ ] – You love someone, but they will never love you back.
[x] – You have one good friend, and you trust them with all you’ve got.
[x] – You love curry, any kind will do.
[x] – You tend to be flamboyant and peppy, and a bit of a princely character.
[ ] – You can be very religious.
[x] – When it comes to someone important to you, you’ll stop at nothing to help them.
[ ] – You have great style and flair.
[ ] – You’re good with making people follow you.

Ciel Phantomhive – 8/10
Sebastian – 4/10
Grell Sutcliff- 8/10
Pluto – 3/10
Elizabeth Middleford – 7/10
Drocell Kains – 4/10
Angela/Ash – 4/10
Prince Soma – 6/10

So… That makes me… Grell Phantomhive? Lol. Yey! I’m Ciel/Grell! πŸ˜€ Two fave charas of mine! :3


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