Gokujyo no Koibito

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fruk. Fruk. Fruk. Fruk. Fruk.


Holy FRance and UK!


For the love of all that walks and breathes——-THAT WAS ASK AND GERO!!! O.O

For those who so have not heard of Ask and Gero – where have you been?! You must watch this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and for the love of God, this. Like, now. F*ck my stupid internet connection!

*Ehem* Now, on to the story and what the heck Gokujyo no Koibito is.

Gokujyo no Koibito (Ideal Lover/The Best Lover/First Rate Lover) by Masara Minase has been adapted into a ‘manga animation‘. I can’t explain what’s the difference between the normal animation and that right now because I’m still suffering from after shocks – well, that and ‘coz the song is looping on VLC. >.>

And totally aside from the awesome song and the awesomely awesome singers, the story was good – and I can’t wait for the next one (whenever that would be, I have no clue. :|)! I wanna read the manga and it’s being scanlated by DP-Scans but… I can’t right now due to bull crap connection. Plus, it’s an ongoing manga so IDK like, I don’t really read ongoing manga unless I’m obsessing over it (Note: Kuroshitsuji).

*I so should NOT have insisted on taking a country-side vacation!*

Oh, yeah – almost forgot. The anime/manga is about…. wait, I’m gonna quote baka-manga for this…

Masahiro is a manager at a modeling agency and himself a former model. His newest charge is 16-year old Yoshimi. Yoshimi has looks and charisma to burn, but he’s also an over-privileged, egoistic, bratty teenager. When Yoshimi finds out that Masahiro is gay, he commands his manager to give him extra-curricular instruction in sex between men. But if Yoshimi wants Masahiro to be exclusively his, then he’ll have to surpass top model Akito, his rival in business and in love.

And before I forget – subbed and available at aarinfantasy! Huwaaah~ BTW, the show’s NSFW. So, little girls, use headphones and lock your doors when watching – thank you!

Oh and listen to this -> It’s the song for Gokujyo no Koibito, I just like, found it two seconds ago – and fuck the stupid slow internet connection I can’t listen to it online but at least I have the video on my HDD. BTW, it’s called “One Love” – I failed to mention that earlier for obvious reasons.


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