The Contract With Mom

October 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

“For every B or higher grade that you get, I’ll buy you a game for the PSP.”

Was what she willingly said two years ago when she bought me my PSP. This semester, I decided to put some effort into school and managed to have six out of eight subjects qualify for the deal with my Mom. (Of course, she didn’t believe me at first, so I faxed her a copy of my grades. Don’t blame her though, ‘coz I did screw the past two years of college.)

After I reminded her of our deal (er, I did some little modifications, I’m pretty sure she had forgotten about it specifics) and told her what I wanted, she agreed to get it for me. And what I asked from my beloved Mom was–

–The awesomely awesome Boy’s Love game – Togainu no Chi Portable! It is available for pre-order at play-asia and other Japanese sites.

*I have no choice but to buy/order from play-asia because 1, I don’t have a paypal account – I’m only 17! Luckily, they accept Western Union! And 2, it’s free shipping to anywhere in Asia – I live in the Philippines.*

I’m not getting the Limited Edition, though. Since all you *do* get is an Akira Nendoroid – and while I *do* want an Akira Nendoroid, I can’t because I have a baby sister and I might find Akira being licked all over – Shiki prolly will kill me for that. Or worse, decapitated. >.>

Nyahihihi~ I can’t wait to play Togainu Poker! ^_^ And yeah, I can’t read in Japanese so I’ll hunt down my friend who’s studying the language and have him read – though, it might be a little awkward since he’s a guy and it’s BL – and although the hardcore bits have been deleted out of the game, there still might be some light shounen-ai… hopefully.

But yeah, that’s not all – since I’m getting the normal edition as opposed to what I had told my Mom (I told her I’d get the Limited but I changed my mind), I’m thinking of getting something else to replace the Nendoroid. Lol.

And I had spent like, three-four hours all over the internet reading on Togainu no Chi, other BL-related and other anime in general merchandise. And holy FRuK, I found a few ones I’m considering to get (depending on the stock at hand).

Togainu no Chi Cushion 1

So… about Cushion #1… I was going to safe it’s a safe picture than Cushion #2 but now that I take a better, longer and clear-headed look at Akira… Well, if I do ever get this – it’s gonna be hidden as long as there are other people in my room. O.O I mean, look at Akira! (I swear, this would so look good together with the Vampire Knight sheets! I just wish I had ’em! >.<)

Togainu no Chi Cushion 2

So, I SO don’t know which Cushion is ‘safe’ or not – well, they both aren’t. Darn Akira for his suggestive posing! >.< Don’t they like, have ones where Akira and Shiki are in one side TOGETHER? >.> Okay, no… That would be worse – but that would be SO COOL to have. ^///^ Anyhoo, if I *do* get to have one more thing from Mom – and if I choose between the two cushions, I’d go for this one… I think. ‘Coz… I don’t know… Akira and Shiki’s facial expression? O.o;;;

Lucky Dog Mug

I’m not a big fan of yellow. It’s too bright and… well, it’s just a funny colour. Now, it just got disturbing. But then, I like the characters ^_^; so, the yellow is easily ignored. ^_^;; Mom likes mugs – actually, we both do and whenever we find mugs at the mall or something, we always end up buying two so that we’d get one each. Me and Mom have a lot of matching mugs, actually… But she has more mugs than me ‘coz mine keeps breaking (I’m a klutz). I’d like to get one for Mom, too – but I don’t think she’ll enjoy anime-art. ^_^;; Though, since it *is* a mug, may be she won’t mind if I get it! ^_^

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Aluminum Bottle (with Carabineer)

A couple of months ago, around May-April, during summer, I spotted this baby and I was obsessed lusting over it. It’s not flashy, it’s got a simple design – it’s blue *stare* and it’s got the Meisters! What else could top that? *ehem* Well, ATM Togainu no Chi or UraBoku could top G00 but, since there’s no TnC or UraBoku, G00 will SO do! XD I seriously really, like totally and insanely want this. O.O

Hetalia Mobile Phone Stand

Yehp! It’s Gil-bird of Hetalia! >.< Look at that cuteness! O_O Its mesmerizing charisma beckons me forth to click the ‘add to cart’ to button! –Well, that and I can’t seem to find my phone and usually, it’s just right beside me. >.> But, if I have Gil-Gil over here, I put the phone it and I can find the phone easily now! >.< Plus, it’s just too cute! >.<

Hetalia Mochi!America Cushion

Holy Roman Empire! It’s my dream come true! It’s mochi!America in the flesh! Er, cloth… cotton… some sort of fiber. >.> Maaaan… Gil-Gil versus Mochi!America – I’m sorry, Gil-Gil! >.< Mochi!America is just too goddamn adorable! >.< No wonder England’s nuts over him (Goddammit, Arthur! Just jump him for the love of World Peace and an end to unresolved sexual tension!)! ^///^;; Damn, though… Animaxis just recently got this on stock but now, it’s like, out of stock. šŸ˜ But I shall not fear~ I shall – someday – have this squishy moe-moe-moe-moe hero-wacko cabbage-eating riceball! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >.< Oh~ I can just squish the laptop monitor!!!!

Durarara!! Voice Alarm Clock – Izaya & Shizuo

I want this, too. ‘Coz like, who wouldn’t want to be waken up in the morning by either of these two? XD Given, it’ll be real freaky weird if someone would walk in while it’s speaking – but thank God it’s in Japanese else I’d be forced to throw away this rude clock – well, at least if I ever do get it! >.> But it’s expensive… Mom *will* kill me unless I can bait her. *thinks of a way to get the clock*


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