Kiori Kono

Kiori Kono is another name made up by my cousin for the role playing purposes. However, this didn’t belong to me. It belonged to a younger cousin of mine but she forgot about this name and I doubt she even uses it. She was still so young that I doubt she remembered anything during those times of her life.

I made a separated account in FF.Net because well, I was writing M’s (badly, I admit. And I hope to edit all those urgh-ness.) in the younger years of high school. And my friends aren’t the type of people you would say are… open minded to those kinds of things (at that time). So, a separate account

They would sometimes check my accounts so if there was any lemony stuff, they’d be all, “Vanessa Jane, what the hell is this?”. Since I wanted to avoid that confrontation which would end up like a comedy (no matter how I imagine it, it would be comedy), I made a new account.

However, now, I’m joining it in the Yhannen Greystone account at FF.Net but under the pen name “Vani Jane de Blab”. If they see those now, well, let’s hope we’ll all just laugh it off.

(To any members of the C.Crew who happened to read this: We’re gonna laugh it off, right? I mean, it was such a long time ago and we’re in college now. 😀 — This is NOT making me feel any better; for some reason, I can only imagine being glared at.)

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