Yhannen Greystone

Kris from Pokemon Crystal by KoreenRegion at DeviantArt

Kris from Pokemon Crystal by KoreenRegion

Yhannen Greystone is a made up name thanks to my cousin. This name sort of, belonged to me. It’s the name I used when my cousins and I would be role playing when we were younger.

I did stop the use of it for a year before using it again when I discovered this thing called “internet”.This name came back to life and became my pen name. In most anime-related sites that I’ve joined, I’m known as Yhannen Greystone or Yhannen Jyuji Greystone.

The “Jyuji” part of the name wasn’t made by my cousin or me, the truth is, I forgot where I got that name. All I know it had something to do with E.L. Ash (but she’s now known as Ryoko) and Ealia (she never opened her FF.Net account that I made for her. >.>).

Also, “Yhannen” was first used by me, when Pokemon Crystal came out and introduced the new feature (at that time) which was to have a female trainer.

And ever since, Yhannen’s image has been that of Crystal/Kris from Pokemon Special Manga and/or of Marina from Pokemon  Raikou: The Thunder Legend Special TV Movie. Though, Crystal/Kris/Marina also looks identical to Casey from Pokemon: Johto Journeys Episode 120 (in Japanese) 118 (In English/US).

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