Here is the library of all my literary works from once upon a time ago to the recent.

They were born from the creativity of my mind and given life by my hand.

I am very ‘sensitive’ when it comes to my works – which is why I have a few, very simple rules you must follow regarding my works.

  • Do NOT post any of my works anywhere.
  • Do NOT reproduce any copies (be it hard or soft copies) anywhere.
  • Do NOT claim my works as your own.

But if you want to re-post or share my work, then:

  • Contact me through my e-mail.
  • If I give you my permission, provide a link back.

Now, in regards to the stories/poetry and content; as I’ve stated, I’m ‘sensitive’ when it comes to it, so here’s another set of rules.

  • I do NOT tolerate ‘flames’ or rude reviews.
  • Professional criticism is very much welcome.
  • Comments and/or suggestions are welcomed as long as they aren’t rudely stated.

I’ve written a few NC-17’s and R-18’s, since you’ve been warned, I’m not responsible for whatever mess or trouble you find yourself in when you’re caught snooping around (especially if you’re under 17 or 18).

Note that some of my works were from ## years ago and the grammar, punctuation and spelling aren’t good (heck, it sucked). And I hope to find time to edit them for easier reading.


Under this category are my original stories/poetry.


Under this catergory are my fan-made stories for games, anime, manga, etc.

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