Warning: Some content might not be suitable for humans under the age of 18. Under-18-Reader, I strongly advice you not to click the link with the exclamation marks (!) unless you have parental consent (And no, your older 19-year-old sibling’s: “Yes, (insert name here), go knock yourself off!”, isn’t considered parental consent.) so, unless your parent allows you to read R-18 scenes, don’t even dare to click ’em.

Note: I am not liable for any mess or trouble you get from reading any of my work.

All my original work are copyrighted by me and me alone. Don’t steal or re-post any where without permission.

Original – Blue Valentine

Ravenheart Academy – Prologue
Ravenheart Academy – Chapter One
Ravenheart Academy – Chapter Two

Poetry – Deadly Infatutation
Poetry – Bloody Love
Poetry – Guilty Love
Poetry – Love or Lust
Poetry – What A Day
Poetry – At The Beginning
Poetry – Is This Truly The End?
Poetry – Dreamland
Poetry – Sanity
Poetry – Longing
Poetry – The Game
Poetry – Black Dove
Poetry – Eyes
Poetry – Stolen Innocence
!Poetry – Caught!


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