4Shared – My 4Shared account.

Aldorlea Games – A great place to get equally great games!

Coquettish Crew – It’s partly dead, I guess, since we’ve all leveled up to facebook. But it’s still there, so I guess, I still should place it here.

DeviantArt – My DA account! So, far it’s empty but hey, in time it shall grow~

Dreamers Glade – A wonderful forum dedicated to all the creative arts.

Facebook – My facebook account.

FanFiction.Net – My FanFiction.Net account.

FictionPress – My FictionPress.Com account.

Friendster – My *dead* friendster account. I don’t log on to it that much anymore.

Laxius Forums – A forum dedicated to the Laxius Games by Indinera.

MangaTraders – A great place to download manga, it’s got almost everything!

Multiply – My Multiply account that’s not so dead. ^^;

OverCould9 – A great site that hosts free walkthroughs many free and commercial RPG games.

RMRK – A forum of the RPG Maker resources.

YouTube – My Youtube account.

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