Love IS Stupid III

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“Love IS Stupid”

Chapter Three: …There’s A Price To Pay!

Rey closed his eyes in deep thought. But he would end up with Meyrin’s face plastered on his head. Then memories of her smiles, her laughs, her cute pouts and more! He tried to snap out of it at first, but got caught up in his thoughts.

Then his eyes shot open and his head shot up when he heard Meyrin yell. Panic surged within him, making him stand up and run to her, to Meyrin.

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Kuroshitsuji II Episode 2-3

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So, here is my not-so detailed reaction to Episodes 2-3. Late, yehp. But it’s because episode 2-3 is seriously doesn’t feel like Kuroshitsuji material at all. The first episode is so far, the best episode in the series. Seriously.

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Shinsen-Subs IS Awesome!

July 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’ve always loved Shisen-Subs since I found out about them and I’ve always preferred them to other subbing teams.

But I didn’t know they were doing Kuroshitsuji II–I loved how they did Kuro1! I DLed from subdesu and then from them when I found out they were doing Kuro2.

Man, I seriously LOVE how this scene was subbed! >//< Oooohhhh… The yaoi-ness~ *nosebleed*

Summer 2010

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I’ve always been meaning to make a list of what anime to watch for this season (sometimes MAL confuses me) however, I keep forgetting. Thank God I finally remember to do it but I’m near half asleep now, so I’ll make it fast. 😐

Summer 2010 Anime Chart by Chartfag

Summer 2010 Anime Chart by Chartfag.

Okay, let me begin!
BTW, what I place for ‘Subs’ is/are the subbing groups that I chose to download the anime from.

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Kuroshitsuji Season 2 Episode 1

July 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

When I woke up this morning, I hadn’t realized it was already July and every morning, I wake up staring at a bloody huge calendar my father got me. 😐 I only realized it was July when I logged on to facebook and saw the birthday updates.

But at least I got to download Kuroshitsuji II! Though, I was only able to watch it after eating lunch because I *had* to eat lunch with the rest of the family. I ate lunch really fast ‘coz Kuro-2 was waiting on my laptop!

When I first heard of Kuro-2 many months ago, I was so excited but when I read somewhere in the net that Sebastian or Ciel wouldn’t be in it, I was dismayed for quite sometime. But eventually, I decided to still watch it–mostly because we have Takahiro Sakurai and Nana Mizuki in the cast. ^_^

Now, what do I have to say for episode one?

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