Backfire! I

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Chapter One: In The Beginning

Today was the very first day of classes, Kira Yamato, a kid with purple eyes and brown hair entered his classroom. He as now in Kindergarten. He aced is subjects in the previous year and was always the smartest and kindest kid in the class. Never did he have any competition. He was just the best.

Kira was seated beside a new girl, her name was Cagalli Yula Athha. She had blonde hair and amber eyes. Kira was amazed by her beauty, at first sight of her, he fell in love. Not a crush but love. He had a hard time talking to Cagalli and always blushed whenever he tried.

One the following day of class, Kira managed to talk to her and they became fast friends. He found out that Cagalli was a year younger than him and they had almost the same likes and dislikes. ALMOST. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project III

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Baby Project”

Chapter Three: Stuck

Everyone, calm down” Andrew announced.

Azrael, what did you do this time?” Natarle asked angrily.

I was doing a small experiment” Azrael replied as he stood up and dusted his uniform. “No damage”

Oh my gosh!” Lacus gasped when she saw the smoke coming from the Science Lab “FIRE!!!”

“Everyone! Run before it explodes!” Azrael warned and everyone ran away like bees. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project II

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Baby Project”

Chapter Two: Perfect Pairs

Murrue ended her class after her announcement and went happily to the faculty room. The only teacher there was Azrael, and he was writing something on his ‘List Of Miserable Things To Do For My Students’ notebook to care who came in or what was happening. Murrue didn’t care for Azrael, anyways. She just went to her desk and packed her things, ready to leave immediately on her month long vacation. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project I

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Baby Project”

Chapter One: Murrue’s Revenge

“…So, who can name all twelve sectors of the PLANTS?” Murrue Ramius, the kindest history teacher in the Archangel Academy, asked her sophomore class. She had been teaching in the school since it ever opened and cared for the students as if they were her own children. She had always had a soft spot for children like her students—which was a very wrong thing.

All her students could see it. Murrue loved them and didn’t like to see them fail. If one of her students were caught breaking the school rules, she would immediately make an alibi for the student to the Principal. Murrue loved her students too much that they took advantage of it. They no longer started listening to her lessons or anything she says. And Murrue was to soft to do anything wrong.

“Class, who can answer my question?” Murrue tried once more in a louder voice to get the attention of her students, but they all just ignored her and went back to talking with each other or something. “Class?! Are you listening?!” « Read the rest of this entry »

Love IS Stupid II

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Love IS Stupid”

Chapter Two: When You Get What You Want…

“Meyrin, wake up!” Luna yelled from the kitchen. Lucky for her their parents weren’t around to scold her for being so loud in the morning. “Mey-rin! Wake up! MEYRIN! WAKE UP!!! GET YOUR BUTT HERE!”

Luna sighed after her umpteenth try. She closed her eyes to think as her index finger was tapping on her lips, “Ah! I got it!” She snapped her fingers together. “Meyrin!” She called once more, this time with a smirk “Athrun’s at the door! Should I answer it?” « Read the rest of this entry »

Love IS Stupid I

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Love IS Stupid”

Chapter One: Summer Begins and Problems Arise

He hadn’t known when it had started. Come to think of it, how could it have started? And why her of all women? And why him of all men? Why? How could he feel so much for one person he never really got to know? He never expected his life to turn into a maze. It had always been a clear path to him…

…But what happened? It turned to a maze that somehow only lets him run in circles. How could this kind of problem emerge during his summer break? And why this problem? Wait. Was it a problem? Yes, it was indeed a BIG problem. No one on earth would’ve dreamed this would be happening to him.

He’s the guy with no worries, guy who gets everything right, guy who many idolize. And now, he doubts all those comments. He was worrying or may be freaking out and he wasn’t right or was he wrong, he was confused. « Read the rest of this entry »

Kira Knows

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Kira Knows”

“Why does everyone tease me being with her?!” Kira Yamato asked in a pissed off voice, facing his friend and companion, Miriallia Haw. They were both riding at the back of Mir’s uncle’s pick-up, enjoying the wind on their hair and all that.

“Because you two are close?” Mir replied as she absently continued to eat the peanuts from the bag.

“We’re just friends!” Kira told her, waving his arms up his head. “Why can’t anyone understand that?! Now, look, she isn’t talking to me anymore!”

“Wait, she isn’t?” Mir asked, surprised. « Read the rest of this entry »

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