Happy Christmas!!!

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Hi, guys!

Just wishing everyone happy and bountiful Christmas!
I did have a Christmas fic (two actually) in one of my notebooks around here, but as of the moment, I can’t find it. The notebook, I mean. So, that fic would come late, hopefully before New Year. 😀

I’m going to be gone until the 26th because I’ll be spending Christmas at the country-side.

So, see you!

Merry Christmas,
Vani Jane

If anyone’s interested (:D), Ravenheart Academy has been updated with two chapters and one poem. However, that poem is NOT for minors. XP


Sick Day

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Sick Day”

Athrun Zala got off his car, smiling happily. He brought a bouquet of roses, he walked in to the Athha mansion. He was met by Myrna, who wore a stressed look.

“What’s wrong, Myrna?” Athrun asked worriedly.

“Oh, Cagalli is sick” She replied sadly “But she refuses to stay in bed!”

“Oh, I’ll talk to her about it” Athrun replied “Why don’t you take a rest. You look stressed”

“Thank you, Athrun” She replied and walked away.

Athrun went upstairs to Cagalli’s room. He knocked on the door lightly then inserted his head in the room.

“Cagalli?” He called. « Read the rest of this entry »

Stuck In A Snowstorm

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“Stuck In A Snowstorm”

Natarle Badgiruel woke up early on their first morning at Yuki Yama Resort due to an unexpected and uncivilized yelling between the gender she belonged to. She got up from her bed and placed on warm clothes, once after, she got out of her room and to the room where the girls were staying in.

When she got in and opened the door, she found the room to be a battlefield of catfights and yelling. She sighed and forced herself to remain as calm as ever especially at a time like this. She had to do this, well, not only her but her co-teacher, Djibril What’s-his-name too, but he was lazing in bed still.

Lunamaria Hawke slapped Mia Campbell right on the cheek then yelled some colorful words that shouldn’t come out of a proper lady’s mouth, especially early in the morning. Cagalli Yula Athha started yelling as well, defending the poor girl. The next thing was that the other Hawke sibling, Meyrin, mocked at Cagalli. Then Mia stood up for Cagalli, and Luna bickered. Soon, it was Mia VS Meyrin, Cagalli VS Luna, Luna VS Meyrin and Cagalli VS Mia.

“LADIES! KEEP IT DOWN!!!” Natarle yelled, so to get their attention. « Read the rest of this entry »

Stuck In A Rain Storm

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“Stuck In A Rain Storm”

“I am so going to kill Kira when I see him…”

Athrun Zala was dangerously fuming in boiling anger as he grabbed eight super thick books from the History section of the city library. Why was he here grumbling in the library about murdering his best friend? Simple. His best friend asked him for a favor. A simple little favor that anyone would say no to. But did Athrun Zala say no? He did.

“He’ll die a painful death…” « Read the rest of this entry »

Daddy Dearest

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“Daddy Dearest”

Cagalli glanced at her frog clock. It was nearly midnight and she was not yet done with her assignments. Okay, so she was done with all the rest, but she wasn’t done in studying for her English quiz. She got up and went in the kitchen, she was really thirsty.

She quietly tip toed to the kitchen so not to wake her father up. She no longer had a mother. She lived alone with her father since her mother and father never had seen eye to eye and always argued that they finally got a divorce.

Cagalli chose to stay with her father and not with her mother since her mother never did show any kind of love towards her unlike her father. She had no idea why they were always arguing but then, she didn’t care as long as she was out of their lives. « Read the rest of this entry »

Teacher’s Stripper 1

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“Teacher’s Stripper”

Chapter One

Athrun Zala, Archangel High’s youngest and smartest Chemistry teacher ever. He was staring wide eyed at his ever beautiful student–er… his smart student… Cagalli Yula Athha. It was after school hours around five to six. The school would normally be closed by five, but since he had some last minute checking, he became an exception. But he never knew this was going to happen! « Read the rest of this entry »


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“I’m a friend of Cagalli Yula Athha, I’m Miriallia Haw. Cagalli’s the average type of girl, though, she’s got a lot of suitors since she’s very popular in school. I mean, she’s good in sports, in all the subjects, in everything! Well, may be except for algebra and cooking… But she’s good with everything else!

“Despite all her suitors she doesn’t have a boy friend. She’s somewhat tomboyish if you know what I mean. She has this very annoying suitor named Athrun Zala. He’s my boy friend, Dearka Elsman’s friend.” « Read the rest of this entry »

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