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He’s waiting outside
But I’ve made up my mind
This what I’m gonna do
I’ll be sticking with you

He’s calling my name
But it’s deaf to my ears
It’s so hard to explain
With you fogging my mind unclear

He’s banging on the door
And you’re banging in me
You’re reaching up to my core
Then you pour in to me

You look at me, smiling
We’re both lying down
Then I turn up, gasping
There he stands with a frown


No Comfort

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No Comfort

Pairing: Flay [x] Yzak [x] Shiho

Setting: Phase 41

Flay Allster had been staying for over a month with ZAFT and under Rau Le Creuset’s watch. At least he wasn’t pedophilic; he hadn’t tried to touch her in that way.

But Flay was the type of girl who needed that kind of comfort yet not with men like Rau. She preferred men who were good-looking and about the same as she was.

There was only one man that filled all her standards from the entire ship and time that she had been with ZAFT—that was Yzak Joule, the only Red in Rau’s team, which was an added bonus.

Flay didn’t like coordinators yet she was still also a teenage girl inside, granted not like most normal girls yet she was still one. She needed comfort and she knew that only the silver-haired coordinator could do it. « Read the rest of this entry »

Stolen Innocence

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Innocent lips tainted by the devil’s touch
Since that dark unfortunate night
The maiden’s heart he does clutch
The dark and hot seduction became her light

Left alone in the cold, dark nights
Nothing else her white pure mind
But the arms that held great might
Arms that not only held but had bind

Her life became nothing but a bore
She needed not one but more
Since that night of alluring bliss
When he gave her that dark tempting kiss


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Beautiful his eyes so green
So carefree and calming
So sweet and loving
Or so, it may seem

Green was his eyes
The eyes of trickery
Of deceitful lies
And of the naughty « Read the rest of this entry »

The Game

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Innocent was she
Tempted by the devil that was he
To taunt and molest
The innocence he detests

Innocence he craved in pain
Time turning it into a game
To destroy and break
The victim and prize to take


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Cold is the black night
Her figure white and longing
Her world bleak with no light
Her mind wandering and wandering

It was a need too strong
To have it all, all, all
Waiting and waiting so long
Still she years and call

Year after year worsening
Her mind shrouded in bleak black
Hopeless in dreaming and dreaming
He would never come back
But she couldn’t stop hoping and hoping

Love or Lust

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Why do you stay by me?
Looking at me with that look?
Do you desire me secretly?
Fall for me like stories in a book?
Am I a prize so great?
Yes, I am as placed in fate.
Desire for me if you must
Though, is it truly love
Or simply just lust?

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