Happy Christmas!!!

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Hi, guys!

Just wishing everyone happy and bountiful Christmas!
I did have a Christmas fic (two actually) in one of my notebooks around here, but as of the moment, I can’t find it. The notebook, I mean. So, that fic would come late, hopefully before New Year. 😀

I’m going to be gone until the 26th because I’ll be spending Christmas at the country-side.

So, see you!

Merry Christmas,
Vani Jane

If anyone’s interested (:D), Ravenheart Academy has been updated with two chapters and one poem. However, that poem is NOT for minors. XP


Ravenheart Academy: Chapter Two

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“Jeanne?” Fedora frowned as she tried to wake her friend up. She had been part of the ‘senior ambush act’ and was lying unconscious by the time Jeanne had closed her eyes—it was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to her, to Jeanne—to them. “Jeanne, please wake up.”

Fedora Bloodrinker was thirteen and the youngest in class. She was the granddaughter of Nicholas and Constance Bloodrinker, two blue-blood society figures who operated the Bloodrinker Electrical Industries. Now in high school, she was given the permission to live within the school grounds much to her pleasure.

Fedora had regained consciousness almost an hour earlier and had found herself in the health centre, when she had stood up, she saw Jeanne on the bed beside her, unconscious.

She had worried that may be Jeanne was more badly injured than they were and if she might be in a coma or something. « Read the rest of this entry »

Ravenheart Academy: Chapter One

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“As I said, Jeanne, it would be nice if you and your classmates would be able to present a number with us during the before school opening.” Amanda Iceheat, the senior president, smiled as she told the young upcoming freshman.

“Oh, but… we’re only very few.” Jeanne said modestly, yet it was true. Jeanne had always looked up to the Amanda Iceheat, she was something Jeanne had wanted to become when she grew up. « Read the rest of this entry »

Ravenheart Academy: Prologue

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“Are you sure, Annie?” A sweet little voice asked in uncertainty, then shadowed footsteps followed.

“Oh, quit being a worrywart, Annabel.” Another voice replied, this one had more bite and laughter in it. “Aren’t you at least having any fun?”

“No!” The squeaky voice replied loudly causing the birds to fly away from their branches in fright, “Oh, dear!” « Read the rest of this entry »

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