By Your Side

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By Your Side
Pairing: Yzak [x] Shiho
Setting: Phase 48

Commander Yzak Joule got off the Duel, as he held on to the cable that took him down, his hands were still shaking. After seeing the first shot from the GENESIS, he felt so cold and scared.

He couldn’t move and just thought what if any of his men were caught in that monstrosity. He wouldn’t be able to live with it. It made him re-think of what he was fighting for and if it killing every last natural was the right way to victory.


Yzak turned and saw four of his men salute at him, he saluted back. It was Shiho; she was leading those other three. No doubt they had a report to give but he wasn’t in the mood to listen to any damned report. « Read the rest of this entry »


No Comfort

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No Comfort

Pairing: Flay [x] Yzak [x] Shiho

Setting: Phase 41

Flay Allster had been staying for over a month with ZAFT and under Rau Le Creuset’s watch. At least he wasn’t pedophilic; he hadn’t tried to touch her in that way.

But Flay was the type of girl who needed that kind of comfort yet not with men like Rau. She preferred men who were good-looking and about the same as she was.

There was only one man that filled all her standards from the entire ship and time that she had been with ZAFT—that was Yzak Joule, the only Red in Rau’s team, which was an added bonus.

Flay didn’t like coordinators yet she was still also a teenage girl inside, granted not like most normal girls yet she was still one. She needed comfort and she knew that only the silver-haired coordinator could do it. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project III

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Baby Project”

Chapter Three: Stuck

Everyone, calm down” Andrew announced.

Azrael, what did you do this time?” Natarle asked angrily.

I was doing a small experiment” Azrael replied as he stood up and dusted his uniform. “No damage”

Oh my gosh!” Lacus gasped when she saw the smoke coming from the Science Lab “FIRE!!!”

“Everyone! Run before it explodes!” Azrael warned and everyone ran away like bees. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project II

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Baby Project”

Chapter Two: Perfect Pairs

Murrue ended her class after her announcement and went happily to the faculty room. The only teacher there was Azrael, and he was writing something on his ‘List Of Miserable Things To Do For My Students’ notebook to care who came in or what was happening. Murrue didn’t care for Azrael, anyways. She just went to her desk and packed her things, ready to leave immediately on her month long vacation. « Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Project I

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Baby Project”

Chapter One: Murrue’s Revenge

“…So, who can name all twelve sectors of the PLANTS?” Murrue Ramius, the kindest history teacher in the Archangel Academy, asked her sophomore class. She had been teaching in the school since it ever opened and cared for the students as if they were her own children. She had always had a soft spot for children like her students—which was a very wrong thing.

All her students could see it. Murrue loved them and didn’t like to see them fail. If one of her students were caught breaking the school rules, she would immediately make an alibi for the student to the Principal. Murrue loved her students too much that they took advantage of it. They no longer started listening to her lessons or anything she says. And Murrue was to soft to do anything wrong.

“Class, who can answer my question?” Murrue tried once more in a louder voice to get the attention of her students, but they all just ignored her and went back to talking with each other or something. “Class?! Are you listening?!” « Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking of You

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Thinking of You”

Shinn Asuka woke up in the morning, still a bit drowsy and having a headache from last night’s festivities. Dearka had been promoted back to the red uniform and for some reason, it was worth celebrasting over. Not that it was a good thing. If Dearka was promoted, he’d have gained his special treatment—Dearka with special treatment was a big hell no.

There were too many things to celebrate about for last night.

Yzak and Shiho made the announcement that they were getting married and that Shiho was due in five months. It also happened to be a late celebration of PLANTS’ chairwoman Clyne’s birthday and of course, there was Kira proposing to her—another bodyguard and princess couple emerges into the newspapers.

Shinn groaned as he tried to get up from bed. When he did, he walked towards the bathroom to get a bloody cold shower to ease his headache. However that might help him in his predicament. « Read the rest of this entry »

He Dares To Cheat

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He Dares To Cheat”

“Cagalli, come on! Show some spirit!” Lacus told Cagalli as they walked at the park, heading to the mall.

“Yeah!” Miriallia added with a cheeky grin “Tomorrow’s your birthday! We’re planning a party, remember? We have to prepare!”

“Normally, you would be happy and excited. Is there something wrong?” Shiho asked.

Cagalli shook her head “Oh, nothing. Nothing is wrong at all!”

Cagalli walked passed her friends angrily and sat on the bench in the park. Her three friends looked at each other then went to sit beside her. Lacus placed a hand on Cagalli’s shoulder, being gentle.

“Did something happen, Cagalli?” Lacus asked softly “We’re only worried for you”

“HE CHEATED ON ME!!!” Cagalli blurted out angrily. « Read the rest of this entry »

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