Love IS Stupid III

July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Love IS Stupid”

Chapter Three: …There’s A Price To Pay!

Rey closed his eyes in deep thought. But he would end up with Meyrin’s face plastered on his head. Then memories of her smiles, her laughs, her cute pouts and more! He tried to snap out of it at first, but got caught up in his thoughts.

Then his eyes shot open and his head shot up when he heard Meyrin yell. Panic surged within him, making him stand up and run to her, to Meyrin.

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Happy Valentines!

February 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello, guys!

It’s a bit early, but happy valentines!

I haven’t been really into the “event” these past few years but it doesn’t mean I don’t give any care for it. I still care, I just don’t bother to do anything. 😀

Anyway, I’ve made a new original, it’s entitled, “Blue Valentine“. And yes, as the title says, it’s not a happy story. It’s a sad, angst-ish one-shot that is based on real events and real people. Who they are, I don’t know. 😐 Yes, it’s true. I haven’t met them but only heard of their love and loss, to them, my heart cries. This story is dedicated to them.

May they both finally found the happiness they deserve.

By Your Side

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By Your Side
Pairing: Yzak [x] Shiho
Setting: Phase 48

Commander Yzak Joule got off the Duel, as he held on to the cable that took him down, his hands were still shaking. After seeing the first shot from the GENESIS, he felt so cold and scared.

He couldn’t move and just thought what if any of his men were caught in that monstrosity. He wouldn’t be able to live with it. It made him re-think of what he was fighting for and if it killing every last natural was the right way to victory.


Yzak turned and saw four of his men salute at him, he saluted back. It was Shiho; she was leading those other three. No doubt they had a report to give but he wasn’t in the mood to listen to any damned report. « Read the rest of this entry »


October 14, 2009 § 2 Comments

Beautiful his eyes so green
So carefree and calming
So sweet and loving
Or so, it may seem

Green was his eyes
The eyes of trickery
Of deceitful lies
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I couldn’t see you today
Though I know of a place
Where I can see your face
Its location, I cannot say

A place I alone can go to
And stay for hours long
Nothing to do but look at you
With no one to say it’s wrong

A place of my imagination
Where everything is my creation
From the green forests to the brown sands
This is my Dreamland

Is This Truly The End?

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I have been with you guys
Through the ups and the downs
Through the truths and the lies
With the smiles and the frowns

Now the time is closing in
Slowly my heart is breaking
Intense pain surging within
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At The Beginning

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If I could turn back time and tide
I’d do so in less than a heartbeat
‘Cause I wanna be at your side
Without you guys I’m less than incomplete

I wish to go back to the start
Where I’m didn’t have this breaking heart
Where I wasn’t faced with reality
Where my days were filled with tranquility

I wanna go back to the start of everything
I wanna stand by all of you at the beginning

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